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Boundless CFX/CFV WPA - Water Pipe Adapter 14+18mm


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Boundless Vapes USA
Boundless CFX/CFV WPA - Water Pipe Adapter 14 + 18mm - Male + Female

Simply the "Coolest" way to vape herbal remedies.

This adapter will allow you to connect your CFX or CFV Boundless vape to a water tool, for the perfect aromatherapy set up.
Boundless Water Pipe Adapter for cooling and calming your herbal remedies.

Herbal Vapes

Boundless Water Tool Adapter

You can undo the adapter and swap it around to be a male or female adapter. It also fits 14mm and 18mm. See the video below.

Package Includes:

1x Water Pipe Adapter for the CFX/CFV Vaporizer, as below. Boundless WPA
Boundless Water Tool Adapter CFV CFX

Herbal Vapes

Boundless Water Pipe Adapter with CFV & CFX Vaporizer - Video.

Your Boundless Vaporizer would sit upside down vertically in the top 14mm joint. The silicon hose and mouthpiece you vape with connects to the joint on the right. Use about 1.5 inches of water to cover the shower head and vape away! One cool way to consume your favorite herbal remedies, this is particularly good for herbal remedies that are quite strong like Chamomile, Peppermint and Lavender, the water seems to calm the flavor down enough to really enjoy without worrying about overdoing it. Straight from the vape can be overwhelming with some herbal remedies, this may be your answer if you are finding your herb too strong to vape.


Herbal Vapes

The Boundless CFV & CFX.

Boundless CFV and CFX Vaporizers, Magic Flight Orbiter Tool and Boundless Adapter.

Boundless CFV Vaporizer - Helenskinz Vape Shop NZ

CFX and Orbiter tool

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A Quick Mod for your Orbiter Tool

We sanded and coated the wood on this Maple Orbiter Tool with Clear Spray Paint, this prevents any water being absorbed by the wood which can lead to mold building up on the wood while it is stored away. It also looks really nice. This one can be easily wiped dry and never gets damp.

Modded Orbiter Tool

Modded Orbiter Tool


Herbal Vapes

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