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Boundless CFC Mouthpiece

Boundless CFC Mouthpiece


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CFC Parts   Boundless Vapes USA


Boundless CFC Replacement Mouthpiece.

Boundless CFC Mouthpiece

  • Filter Screen
  • Low Resistance Airflow
  • Heat Isolating
  • Easy Attachment
  • New High Grade Plastic


Package Includes:

  • 1x Boundless CFC Mouthpiece


About the Boundless CFC Mouthpiece

This is the replacement Boundless CFC mouthpiece. The Boundless CFC mouthpiece features a screen that filters and sifts vapor to purify and cool each hit before it reaches your mouth. Made of high grade plastic, the Boundless CFC mouthpiece is durable, sleek, and ergonomic. Draw resistance is low for fuller hits. The Boundless CFC mouthpiece is easy to remove and attach, with no screwing required. Pop off the mouthpiece to load or clean the bowl of the Boundless CFC. Cleaning the Boundless CFC mouthpiece screen is easy to keep airflow optimal. These are new improved Mouthpieces made with a new material which is not prone to cracking from heat.

CFC Mouthpiece


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