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Why Don't We Have Herbal Vapes In Stock

Please note that we are not currently importing vapes into NZ. Apparently because Aromatherapy Vaporizers "can be" used in unlawful ways NZ Customs have decided that even if they are intended for Aromatherapy use with legal herbs they are still not allowed to be imported. An example of why this is crazy is that products like Zig Zag Rolling Papers and Lighters etc can be purchased at every dairy and gas station in NZ. Surely they "can be" used in unlawful ways?

NZ Customs are cracking down on all Vaporizers, Vape Parts, Vape Accessories and Vaporizer Mods. We have imported thousands of Vapes for over 8 years and never had one problem but things have changed! This applies to everyone. We suggest you wait if thinking of importing your own. We are being contacted regularly by people who have lost everything and received an Offense Notice from NZ Customs, like we did. Many of these people have shopped at one of the Global Vape Shops that claim to be local in NZ. This is big trap for unsuspecting Kiwis, remember if you buy from one of these stores that claim to be local but aren't YOU will be the importer, you are likely to end up with nothing but an Offense Notice and no refund, plus you still get charged the duty! Your new vape will now head to the furnace for destruction. Financially devastating and for some very embarrassing.
We are not closing down, we believe things are changing and we will be back to importing vapes in the near future, there are many things that are in the works that will make a big difference. Once we get back to importing vapes we will once again provide all the best American Vapes from our Auckland base. We still have hundreds of Vape Accessories, Mods and Parts in stock. We have a range of E-Cigs available, we stock Joyetech Vape Pens, Joyetech Coils and a few brands of gourmet E Liquid from USA including the famous Gwar Fluids E-Juice. We will continue to sell MagicalButter Machines and many other great products including Ecigs, Vape Starter Kits, E Juice from Atmos, Mt Baker Vapor and Gwar Fluids. We are sorry for the inconvenience, it's not worth the risk of getting another notice not to mention the loss of valuable stock so waiting is the best idea, stay tuned!