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There isn't too much to learn but if you are new to vaping it can be daunting looking at the huge range of models available. We specialize in Portable Aromatherapy Vaporizers. We highly recommend reading the user reviews on each product and have a decent read of the info we have provided including videos found at the bottom of most pages by independent vape reviewers.

We know our vapes well and we only sell decent vapes from all the big well known American Brands. If a vape comes out and all the marketing suggests it's fantastic it certainly doesn't mean it is, we have found numerous portable vaporizers that we expected to be great performers that we were very disappointed with, when this happens we exclude them from our line up. We only sell vapes that we feel are value for money, well made, well known with satisfactory vapor output. Some vaporizers don't work well, in fact some vaporizers combust and all you get is smoke like the Atmos RX pen which is well known for being a vaporizer pen that actually doesn't truly vaporize your product at all. We steer well clear of anything that doesn't truly function as a vaporizer.
If you are unsure what to buy you are welcome to contact us for advice, just drop us an email and let us know roughly which vapes you are looking at and a rough budget and if you need a grinder. We will come back to you with some good suggestions, there are some really good cheaper options out now which is great to see finally after years of having expensive vaporizers only. There are also some amazing high end portables that are expensive but also great devices and worth the investment if you want a decent one.

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New Vaporizers 2017

3 Different Heating Systems.

Pax 3 DaVinci IQ Boundless CFV & CFX
Conduction    Convection   

Pax - Conduction | IQ - Conduction | CFV - Convection | CFX - Hybrid


 Herbal Vapes
Aromatherapy Vaporizers

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Herbal Vapes


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Boundless CFC - Helenskinz Boundless CFV Black - Helenskinz

 Pax 2 Electric Blue Pax 3

 Jump AirVape XS

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer SLX Non-Stick 4pc Herb Grinders

Herbal Vapes

Sort all Vapes by Heating System

All vapes have a Heating System, either Conduction, Convection or both, that would be a Hybrid. Hybrids are very common now, you might be surprised at how many are in the Hybrid category. Click the buttons below to sort all our Vaporizers by Heating Type. The Conduction Vapes rely on hot oven walls and your material is baked, you draw air through the baking material, like a Pax 2 & 3 or a DaVinci IQ. Convection Vapes have an unheated oven, all the heat sits under the oven where your material is sitting and you draw the hot air through your material which vaporizes it when it reaches 392°F, they are very efficient but do require a very long slow draw to get your material up to vaping temps. They are also slightly more economical than most Conduction Vapes as they tend to use less material.

Conduction Vapes Convection Vapes

  Conduction Vaporizers  Convection Vaporizers
Hybrid Vaporizers

We sell nothing but top of the line Genuine Products imported from USA. We take care of all the importation fees and clearances for all orders. All imports come through our Auckland base and then on to the customer via Courier and International Courier. With a large range of Portable Vaporizers in our range you are sure to find something that will be perfectly matched to your needs! Dive in and enjoy a healthier alternative to combustion! Each vaporizer is slightly different in how they deliver vapor. The Portables are constantly evolving and becoming more intelligent, smaller and more efficient. Everyone is different and everyone has different needs, work out what is important to you and filter through our product line and hunt down the right vape for you. Please read our customer reviews as it can really help hearing what other customers have to say about the product they settled on.

All orders are sent via our base in Auckland, New Zealand. Helenskinz is a New Zealand owned and operated business unlike some other Global Stores that pretend to be local, we operate from Auckland, NZ/Aotearoa.

Herbal Vapes


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we have plenty of up to date Vaporizer Reviews, ECig Videos and more. 200+ Vaporizer Reviews.

Herbal Vapes

A Few Tips on Cleaning

We highly recommend a couple of products for cleaning your vaporizer. Apart from the small cleaning kits that some kits come with you should stock up on cleaning products so cleaning your vape is quick, simple and effective. The best solution to cut oil build up in your vape is Isopropyl Alcohol. We suggest you buy it at a place like Jaycar Electronics in NZ. They sell a large 250ml spray bottle for about $12. The Chemist will cost you about $20 for a tiny 50ml bottle. You also want a decent amount so you have enough to be able to part fill a container and soak certain parts like a Crafty Mouthpiece for example.

ISOEffin Clean for Glass etc.
We do stock Effin Cleaner (here) for cleaning your Glass Bowls etc, it is a fizzy solution that comes in small sachets, we import this from the US. It works very well on things like the Magic Flight Orbiter Tool.


Never let ISO or any other liquid come in contact with or be able to leak into your electronics in your vaporizer. It's not a great idea to use lots of it, if it doesn't ruin it completely it can easily cause annoying issues like sticky buttons on a Pax 2 for example. The trick is, use it sparingly, never tip or pour ISO into your oven or anywhere else, dab and wipe using a cotton bud and let it dry before use. Moisture and vaporizers do not go well together.

Herbal Vapes

What is a Vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device used to release the active ingredients of plant material or to release the therapeutic compounds. A healthier alternative to smoking, vaporizers heat the material at a much lower temperature (when compared to smoking) so that the active compounds contained in the plant material produce an aromatic vapor (instead of smoke). Rather than burning the plant material, which can produce numerous harmful by-products, this vapor contains virtually zero particulate matter and significantly reduced noxious gases. By avoiding combustion (smoke), the user is able to achieve the same desired effects without the harmful side-effects of smoking.

While the vaporizer concept has existed for decades, only recently have companies turned their attention toward vaporization technology as a commercial aromatherapy solution. For the last fifteen years, vaporizers have been manufactured and sold worldwide as the benefits of vaporization are permeating the public consciousness. As a consequence, there has been a huge upswing in companies producing vaporizer devices in a variety of forms. While there are several different classifications, the essential elements of any vaporizer are the heat source and the delivery method.

Make sure you read up on the details of each vape you are interested in because they all do different things and some are for Dry Herb/Tobacco only and some do Essential Oil and E-Liquid. The Pax and Pax 2 vaporizers for example only do Dry Herb/Tobacco. The most popular by far is the Dry Vape as most vapes only do Dry Herb/Tobacco. 


Herbal Vapes

Pax 2 & 3 Mods -  Kits & More

Please note, most Pax 2 and Pax 3 parts and mods including the new Essential Oil attachment for the Pax 3 are interchangeable and you will be able to use the Pax 3 oven spacer etc in the Pax 2, the Pax devices are identical in shape and size, only the brain has been changed!

Mods, Tools, Combo Kits, Pax 2, Pax 3 Mods.


Herbal Vapes

The Ultimate Tobacco Scoop for your Vaporizer Kit

Scrape, Scoop & Pour with this handy tool. Simple but cool!
An essential piece of kit for all aromatherapy blends. Make your own from a Milk Bottle.
Takes 5 minutes to make.

Herbal Vapes

So what exactly does vapor contain?

Aromatherapy and Phyto-Inhalation.

Plants and trees contain numerous volatile oils, most of which we perceive as pleasing aromas. When we walk through a forest and notice the smell of pine, we are smelling the etheric oils given off by these trees. Or when we walk past a field of lavender, it is the etheric oils in the flowers that enter our nostrils. Many of these oils are not simply pleasing to our senses, but have a measurable effect on our health and well-being as well. Lavender oil, for example, calms the nerves, improves sleep, and was used in Greece, Rome and Persia to disinfect sick rooms. Throughout history and all around the world the essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, chamomile, jasmine, lemon balm, rose, sage and thyme have been used in perfumes and incense mixtures for their beneficial effects on the body and mind. A vaporizer is a device which is used to free the active components of herbs so they can be inhaled for immediate effects. Vaporizing is a cleaner, healthier and more efficient alternative to smoking and incensing.

Best Vaping Temps for commonly vaped herbs.

Vaping Temps

 Using a Vaporizer to replace combustion methods is a smart idea if you care about your health!

Vaporizers are not cheap but can you put a price tag on your health? Vaporizers can also be used in place of cigarettes/smoking and are commonly referred to as E-Cigs, Electronic Cigarettes, Vaping, Vape Pens etc. You can either use a dry herb vaporizer to vape your tobacco or use a liquid vaporizer more commonly known as a Vape Pen or an E-Cig. E-cigs usually consist of a battery and an disposable cartridge containing E Liquid/E-Juice which is a liquid solution made with a combination of PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerine), flavors of all kinds from nuts to berries and even chocolate. There is one E-Liquid company in USA called Vaporfi that offers 30,000 different flavor combinations to give you an idea of the options available, it's big business! A Vape Pen is a device that you pour E Liquid into, they work much the same way as E-Cigs. With an E-Cig the cartridge (the filter part) comes pre-filled with E-Liquid and after about 300 puffs you throw the cartridge away and screw on a new one. A Vape Pen has a tank on top of a battery that you fill yourself using a bottle of E-Liquid. Both methods vaporize the liquid using an atomizer, basically this is a coil that heats up and glows red hot creating vapor as the liquid passes over it.

Lots of people who give up smoking cigarettes and take up vaping often go for the Tobacco flavored E Liquid. It can contain nicotine in various strengths from zero nicotine to 36mg which is very strong. Basically the user gets to feed their nicotine cravings without having to rely on the combustion method like a cigarette or a cigar/pipe. Vaping as it is called has become a multi million dollar industry in many parts of the world. It is usually more pleasant, cheaper and allows users to get away from combustion more commonly known as smoking.

Herbal Vapes

All of our Vaporizer Kits are Imported From USA.

Nothing but Genuine Brands from USA!