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Standard Vaporizers

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Standard Herbal Vapes Collection

Standard Vaporizers typically utilize a ceramic heating element and require the user to pull hot air over the herbs/tobacco through a whip attachment, allowing the user to maintain maximum control over the vaporizing process. The Standard Vape is a great way to get set up at home. They are still very portable should you wish to take it anywhere but you can't pop it in your pocket or take it to a concert. If portability isn't a big deal for you and you are more focused on the vaporizer itself then you should seriously consider a standard desktop vaporizer or a Forced Air Vaporizer. The most popular Standard Home Vaporizer is the classic Vapor Brothers Kit. The second most popular Standard Vape we sell is currently the Plenty. It is made by Storz & Bickel in Germany and is the same company that developed the famous Volcano Vaporizer. The same company that just released the Crafty and Mighty vapes in the portable vape range. If the Plenty isn't your speed the next most popular in this range is the V-Tower by Arizer Canada. This is a top shelf standard "Whip Style" vape. A whip being a clear length of silicon tubing with glass attachments at each end, one to the vape and the other being your glass mouthpiece. The Da Buddha is very nice kit and an excellent Standard Vaporizer, it is one of the more popular sellers and for good reason. Hi quality and works very well, check out the Da Buddha Vaporizer here.

Herb Grinders

Make sure you have a decent herb grinder as grinding is required for all dry vapes. Convection vapes need a coarser grind so you don't get fine particles blocking your screens. Conduction vapes like the Pax 2 & 3 work best with a nice fine grind, almost powder. Most customers buy a SLX Non-Stick Grinder or a Space Case 2pc or 4pc Grinder. The 4pc Grinders have Pollen Collector sections, the SLX has a unique lift out pollen screen. The Santa Cruz Shredder is good for larger hands, we stock large 2pc SCS in 4 colors.
Space Case Herb Grinder - 2pc Space Case Medium Herb Grinder - 4pc Santa Cruz Shredder Grinders SLX Non-Stick 4pc Herb GrindersMagic Flight Finishing Grinder Magic Flight Nano Grinder


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Vaporizer Reviews

There's one video for each popular vaporizer mentioned above to wet your appetite, you can then click the link to visit the page where you will find detailed information, images and several independent video reviews from our 3 trusted Vape Critics in USA. You can also Order or Buy the vape from that page. Watching a quick video will help you see the actual size of the vape and often the vapor output as most reviewers will vape the device in their vids.

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