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Check out our Social Media pages, we keep them up to date with all our new products as we introduce them to the shop.


We are constantly evolving and adding new products, Vaporizers, Mods, Water Kits, Combo Kits and Vaporizer Video Reviews from independent reviewers in USA. If you want to see what's new and what the latest is our Helenskinz Social Media sites will keep you well up to date. Please note, our Facebook account is still active but FB have locked us out by mistake and there is no way of contacting them, we have lost our patience with FB and we are done with their rules and restrictions, not Business Friendly at all! No great loss!


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 Helenskinz on Instagram

Keep up to date with all our new Vaporizer Products.

Visit our Instagram Page: Helenskinzvapes

Tumblr Feed Page - Latest Vaporizers added to shop -
View Here.

Showcasing the latest vaporizer products for NZ and Australia.


Images of all the new vaporizers we sell and info, for New Zealand and Australian Sales.


Keeping you up to speed with the newest vaporizer technology for NZ and Aust.


Over 100 Herbal Vaporizer Reviews and some of our own vape reviews, vape tricks and tips and mods & water tools vids.


Our Vape Blogs

Keeping you up to speed with the latest developments about all the new up and coming vaporizers from the US, portable vapes, standard and forced air vapes including concentrate and wax pens, new vaporizer technology, all other new products not related to vaporizers and shop news. If you want to see the latest vaporizers available we suggest looking at our Tumblr page as it (along with our other SM platforms) is updated at the same time new products are added to the shop. Feel free to contact us if you need advice or have any questions about vaporizers or vaping, we are always happy to help and understand that vaping is still a new thing and there are a few things you need to know, why not ask the experts!