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Herbal Vaporizer Video Reviews

The Best Video Reviews for the Leading Herbal Vaporizer Brands in USA.

Herbal Vaporizer Reviews - Video Collection.

Herbal vaporizer product reviews can be very helpful when deciding on a new vape, especially your first vaporizer. These are all independent reviews from reviewers we find very reliable and straight up about what they really think. The Vape Critic has some very informative vids that cover everything from A to Z. Flick through and have a look at a few if you want a more in depth look at a product that interests you. One helpful aspect of the videos is that you get to see exactly what size they are in a persons hand and how complicated or easy it is to operate and clean. Also to see a vape in action can give you an idea of what to expect. Vapor production and the density of it varies a lot with vapes, some will be light and "take some work to get a satisfying vape from" where others will billow thick clouds of dense vapor, working out which vapes are the best is important, they aren't cheap.

We like to think that all our vapes are worth buying, if we have bad feedback coming in from a newly introduced vaporizer and it turns out to be hopeless we chop it from the line right away. We only want to sell vapes that people will get value for money with, one's that work and do what they say they do. You will find that the higher you go up the price scale the better the performance but that is changing. Pens like the Atmos Jump which are 1/3 of the price of the high end portables work very well, this is a new development in the "cheaper vape" scope of things. We predict that the cheaper vapes will improve to the point that most descent vapes will be much cheaper than today's Crafty and Pax 2 etc. There are plenty of video's to browse, we hope it helps you find what you are looking for. You always have the option to contact us, we are always happy to give advice. 


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