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Dosing Capsules for the Mighty & Mighty Medic Vape NZ


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Dry Herb Dosing Capsules NZ: $2.50 Incl GST. Each.
Liquid Dosing Capsules NZ: $3.20 Incl GST. Each.

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Where to buy best Medical Vaporizer in NZ? Answer: Helenskinz.
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Storz & Bickel - Dosing Capsules NZ.

We sell Dosing Capsules individually, buy as many or as little as you need!

Vapormed Dosing Capsules for Mighty Medic Vaporizer NZ

You can fill ground herbs (Medical Cannabis) into the Dosing Capsules in advance and take them with you when you head out or simply use them at home for convenience. Very handy if you pre-grind and pre-load your Dosing Capsules ready to vape. Hit the road, you are good to go. Your Mighty Medic batteries should last throughout roughly 8 Dosing Capsules if out and about without charging.

Loose Dosing Capsules - Buy from Helenskinz NZ

These Dosing Capsules are fantastic for convenience but also very good to use instead of loading your oven with raw botanicals because the residue left behind after heating is mainly confined to the inside of your Capsule and not your vaporizers oven walls and screen. If you buy yourself a small set of scales "here" you can weigh your ground herb for each Dosing Capsule so you can keep track of how much herb you are consuming, ideal for Medicating with Medicinal Cannabis.

You can use Dosing Capsules to vape Concentrates/Wax/Oil by inserting a Special Small Liquid Drip Pad into your Dosing Capsule. We sell the small Liquid Pads for Dosing Capsules and the standard Liquid Pads for your oven which are too big for the Dosing Capsules. Or you can simply buy Liquid Dosing Capsules on this page. They come with a Drip Pad for Concentrates and Oil already inside the Dosing Capsule. Select from the Drop Down menu at the top of the page. Liquid Dosing Capsules are shown in the image below.Liquid Pad inside a Dosing Capsule for vaping Concentrates NZ

Buy individual Dosing Capsules NZ - Mighty Medic


  • For Mighty and Mighty Medic Dry Herb Vapes NZ
  • Spare or replacement for Mighty, Mighty Medic.
  • Includes individual/loose Dosing Capsules both Liquid & Dry Herb.
  • Perfect for people who like to be organized!

Package Includes

  • 1x Dosing Capsule (Dry or Liquid)

Alternatives! Buy a Magazine of 8 Dosing Capsules - Dry or Liquid.

    8x Dosing Capsules for the Mighty & Mighty Medic Vapes NZ.

    1x Magazine to hold your Liquid or Dry Herb Capsules, both types available.

    Click image to visit the "8 Dosing Capsule Magazine" page.

    Package includes 8 Dosing Capsules and 1 Magazine

    The Capsule Caddy is another alternative for easy transport or storage of your Dosing Capsules. The Capsule Caddy holds 4 Loaded Dosing Caps. It comes with 4 new Liquid or Dry Herb Dosing Capsules as well. Check them out! Click the pic.

    Capsule Caddy NZ with Liquid & Dry Herb Capsules NZ
    Now stocking the Capsule Caddy with 4 Liquid Dosing Capsules
    on the same page.

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    Brought to you by Storz & Bickel Germany, home of the famous Dry Herb Volcano Medic 2 Vaporizer, Mighty Medic Vape, The original Mighty Vape, Crafty Plus Portable and the Plenty Vaporizer. For more than a decade we remember S&B being at the top, nothing has changed apart from some radical upgrades to the Volcano Vape, now called the Volcano Hybrid or the Volcano Medic 2, the medical version from Vapormed. The Crafty Vape has also had a birthday and is now the Crafty+ Vape which has improved it so much that it is now supposedly better than the Mighty Vaporizer. If you want the "Aston Martin" of dry herb vapes, Storz & Bickel Vapes should be your first stop for all Desktop and Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers NZ! They are very hard to beat! By far the highest quality of all vaporizers we sell.
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