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New Upgraded Dual Coil Atomizers - Kangertech


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  Upgraded Dual Coil Atomizers - Kangertech

New Upgraded Dual Coil / Atomizers

These are the new 2016 Dual Coils - Once again improved by the Kangertech Lab.

Kangertech 5 Pack of EVOD Upgraded Dual Coil Replacements.



Compatible with EVOD 2 & EVOD Glass and more. Dual Coil Atomizers, new upgraded version 2016.

New upgraded coil & design. These are similar to the Aspire BDC coils where the wicking material is inside the head and liquid is fed through several small holes, 2 on each side (4 total). You will find these atomizers are fantastic compared to most single coil atomizers, they don't deliver a burnt taste at random like the singles can and when they wear out they give you plenty of warning by starting to taste kind of bland. Most people change them when the flavor starts to diminish. Some people change their atomizer every day or 2 simply for taste, why buy expensive juice if you can't enjoy the full flavor of it!

We can ONLY guarantee a fit with genuine Kangertech products. We highly recommend these Atomizers, the Dual Coil really makes a big difference. Instead of taking a long slow drag you can just have a quick sip with these installed, instant vapor!! If you are building a starter kit it's a good plan to have a number of spares, you can go through one every few days or sometimes a few weeks, it varies. It's always a good idea to have a spare atomizer with you if heading out as they can expire without warning. The life of an atomizer is all dependent on how they are treated, if they get too hot from constant puffing they can wear out very quickly, they can also wear out quickly if they are not given enough time to steep/soak when first installed. 15 minutes is a good time to wait for it to soak in, if you use it without soaking it will likely just burn out. We don't advise getting them wet unless you are doing a full atomizer clean which is quite involved and not too common but can be done. If the flavor diminishes or you can taste a bunt taste or generally unpleasant taste it's time to change your atty!

Package Contents:

  • 1x 5 Pack of Atomizers

 Kangertech New Dual Couls


  • Aerotank Mini
  • Aerotank Mega
  • Aerotank
  • Protank 3
  • *Mini Protank 3
  • EVOD 2
  • T3D
  • *EVOD Glass (these atomizers are compatible with our starter kits/EVOD Glass tanks).


  • 1.5 or 1.8 ohm
  • The 1.8 ohm dual coil atomizers work very well with the Air Control Valve.
  • The lower the number the more resistance you will notice. A 2.0ohm atomizer is very free to draw on and a 1.2ohm is harder to draw on. We have found the 1.5-1.8 range is the best and most popular with our customers and from our own personal experience we find them both good.




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