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DynaVap BB9 Beaded Glass Stems for Water Tools NZ


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DynaVap BB9 Beaded Glass Stems for Water Tools NZ

DynaVap BB9 Beaded Glass Stems for Water Tools NZ.

Another Sweet DynaVap Mod for Water Tools & Bubblers!

The Longest of the BB Series Glass Beaded Stems. We only sell this version as it provides the best cooling and all round vaping experience. It is a pure delight to use in a Glass Bubbler. It will fit either 10mm or 14mm water tools and when you match this Glass Stem with a Glass Bubbler your taste buds will be in for a treat.

DynaVap BB9 Glass Stem for DynaVap VapCap & Bubbler NZ

It doesn't get much better than that as far as a full glass airway is concerned, plus it's filtered through water, pure to the core! We love these new BB9 Stems and the 9 Glass Diffusion Beads inside are pretty cool too. The color of the BB9 is amazing in the light, even the Grey BB9, they are fascinating to just look at. Tips fits nice and snugly with the BB9, some stems can be a fraction too big (less than a hair bigger) and the Tip isn't tight but still tight enough that it won't fall off. This is the best fitting glass stem we have tried for DynaVap in NZ. See All DynaVap Products.

BB9 Glass Stems with VapeTube Water Bubblers NZ

This may be the longest BB Stem but honestly it's not that long so we are pleased we went for the BB9 longest one. They are immaculate and they have a very nice tight fit with either a Stainless Steel Tip or a Titanium Tip and finished off with a of your choice, either regular Captive Cap or Low Temp Captive Cap. You can match this amazing Glass Stem with any 10mm or 14mm water piece including both of our Water Bubbler Tools, VapeTube 10 and VapeTube 14.

Dynavap BB9 Beaded Glass Stems for 10mm & 14mm Water Tools NZ

Dynavap - BB9 Beaded Glass Stem.

The BB9 Stem by Dynavap introduces a new level of taste and comfort to the Dynavap lineup, with a dimpled glass body that contains nine glass beads for added cooling. Available in either Grey or Blue, these stems work with Titanium or Stainless Steel Dynavap tips (not included).

BB9 Beaded Glass Stems for 10 & 14mm Water Tools NZ

The mouthpiece end tapers to fit 10mm and 14mm female glass connections. They do not require a condenser like most of the DynaVap and after-market stems. Simply pull the tip off your DynaVap Pen and push it into the new BB9, it's that easy! Or buy a new Tip and Cap for the BB9 Stem to build a whole new DynaVap Pen dedicated to water tools you have in either 10mm or 14mm.

DynaVap BB9 Glass Stem with VapeTube Bubblers NZ

BB9 Glass Stems with Water Bubblers Diagram NZ

VapeTube 10 & 14 Water Bubblers.VapeTube 10 & VapeTube 14 Water Bubblers NZ

It's quite amazing how you can buy a few DynaVap mods and set yourself up for all your favorite methods of vaping, like through water for example. DynaVap is a great brand for mods and accessories, you can own one Titanium Tip and use it on 6 different Stems, they are super customizable! When you add an induction heater into the mix it becomes such a breeze to vape with your DynaVap set up whether that be with a nice glass stem or even better a glass stem with a Titanium Tip plugged into a Glass Water Bubbler, now we are talking! Titanium/Glass/Glass-Water/Lungs!

Package Contains.

  • 1x BB9 Glass Stem.

Dynavap BB9 Beaded Glass Stems for 10 & 14mm Water Tools

Cleaning the BB9.

Cleaning the BB9 is easy, but due to the multi-chamber + beads, it's not quick. Water collects between the beads and you can't run a cloth or paper towel through the stem to dry it. So just soak The BB9 in ISO Alcohol and time does the work, after it's clean leave it under a fan to dry. So super easy but time-consuming.


Please be super careful when removing the Tip, any sideways motion could break the glass. Obviously being glass it could quite easily break if dropped onto hard ground. Often we read that DynaWax is a good idea for your O-Rings when fitting the Tip to the new Stem but we have found that most stems are a loose fit and wax is only going to make your tip fall off. It's usually best to thoroughly clean the inside of the stem and make sure it's dry before pushing in the tip. The O-Rings should grip a lot better with a clean dry surface inside the stem.

What are the Beads for?

The 9 glass beads inside the stem are cool, but also cool your vapor! Great for Wax and Concentrates, The BB9 has a tapered mouthpiece that fits a 10mm or 14mm WPA! Comes in Blue or Grey!

The BB9 is a unique piece made by DynaVap themselves, So you know they put some thought into this. There are 9 Blue beads for diffusion and capturing heat, along with nipple divots, which create 3 chambers of 3 beads each, with an air port in the middle. The chambers make sure the beads don't bunch up, but the extra surface area captures more heat also. The mouthpiece doubles as a 10/14mm male pipe adapter, so perfect to use with water pieces and concentrates! You can also use it as a pen still on it's own!

BB9 Glass Stems with Water Bubblers NZ

DynaVap BB9 Glass Stem for DynaVap VapCap & Water Bubblers NZ

DynaVap BB9 Glass Stems for DynaVap VapCap & Water Bubblers NZ

BB9 Glass Stem for DynaVap VapCap & Water Bubblers NZ

BB9 Glass Stems with VapeTube 14 Water Bubbler NZ

Grey BB9 Glass Stems with VapeTube 14 Water Bubbler NZ

Grey BB9 Glass Stem with VapeTube 14 Water Bubbler NZ

DynaVap BB9 Glass Stems for DynaVap VapCap & Water Bubblers NZ

DynaVap BB9 Glass Stems for DynaVap VapCap NZ

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