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V2 Mini Air Control Valve - Kangertech


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Air Control Valve

V2 Mini Air Control Valve - Kangertech

Compatible with the "EVOD Glass" Kangertech Tanks we sell.

Kangertech Airflow Control Valve.

Manually control the resistance with the newly released Kangertech V2 Airflow Mini Control Valve. This valve is compatible with the EVOD 2 and EVOD "Glass" tanks we sell. It is a very nice addon for the EVOD vape pen. It gives you more control of the pen.

Highly recommended, great addon! We have been using these for  months and they are excellent, just a slight adjustment will change the resistance and allow either an easy or tight draw to extract the vapor. Set right in the middle is really good. It lets you set up your pen the way "you" like it. The atomizer screws into the Air Control Valve, it replaces your EVOD one that comes on the tank, make sure you hang on to it so you can use later on.


       Kangertech Mini Air Control Valve.




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