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Vaporizer Mods and Tools

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Modded Pax 2/3 Screens, Pax 2/3 Loading Funnels, Vented Pax 2/3 Oven Lids, Half Pack Oven Lids, Waterpipe Adapters and more. We stock lots of different Mods and Accessories for vaporizers in NZ. We highly recommend our Pax Mods, 3D printed in USA and very useful. The Pax Loading Funnel is a must with all Pax 2 and Pax 3 vapes! You can use the Pax Waterpipe Adapter to connect your Pax to a Bubbler or a Waterpipe like the MagicFlight Orbiter water tool. Free up your Pax with a Vented Oven Lid, it will instantly lower the resistance making it easier to draw on. Buy a Half Pack Oven Lid for your Pax 2, all parts are compatible.

     Pax Loading FunnelPax Waterpipe Adapter