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Yllvape IH - Temperature Control Induction Heater for DynaVap NZ


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Ships from NZ

Ships from our NZ STOCK - Auckland Warehouse.

Yllvape Induction Heater - Temperature Control Helenskinz NZDabbing Wax NZ  Dry Herb with The Wand by Ispire NZ  The New Yllvape Temp Control Induction Heater NZ

Yllvape IH - Temperature Control Induction Heater for DynaVap NZ.

The best Portable Induction Heater for DynaVap to come out of 2021, so far! Compared to a Business Card it is the same width and only 1cm longer.

YLL-IH is a new Induction Heater will variable controls NZ

Yllvape-IH - Induction Heater NZ

YLL-IH is a new Induction Heater will variable controls NZ


The Yllvape IH -Temp Control Induction Heater, is a portable induction heater for DynaVap VapCaps. No more unpleasant surprises with this induction heater, thanks to the precise temperature control it's not unlike using a decent electronic vaporizer. Dial it in and find the sweet spot with this versatile device. Often heaters are too slow to heat or too hot, or too rapid, the fact that you can adjust the Temperature and the Voltage (Power) is a huge bonus and really makes this unique New Generation Portable Induction Heater highly desirable to all DynaVap VapCap users.

The New Yllvape Temp Control Induction Heater NZ The New Yllvape IH Temp Control Induction Heater NZ
Yllvape have put a lot of thought into the design and layout and have done extensive testing to build a powerful, reliable and out of the ordinary induction heater for DynaVap users. With this portable induction heater designed for Dynavap VapCap Pens you can manage your vapor density on the fly, no more surprise combustions, dial it down if you are finding it too hot and enjoy slower heat ups or dial it up if you want an almighty hit. Park your VapCap on the cooling magnet under the Yllvape Logo and get ready for another creamy hit! The cooling magnet works very well and has that nice loud "Cool Down Click" that is amplified by the box just like the DynaTec Rover and Apollo series Induction Heaters. It's a good click to hear because it means you are able hit it again :-) and again.

Yllvape IH hidden Magnet - Helenskinz NZ

It's ideal for all VapCap Pens including the 2021 VonG and the 2021 M. As far as design, interface and controls are concerned Yllvape definitely headed in the right direction with this amazing little device. It has everything we wanted in a new generation induction heater.

Yllvape IH Induction Heater for DynaVap NZ

It has a Session Counter on the OLED display. You can easily switch between 2 different modes by double clicking the middle button. Flick between Temperature Mode (Up & Down in Temp) in degrees C or F and Power Mode (Up & Down in Watts) and experiment with them until you find the perfect configuration for you and your pens/tips in each of the 2 modes. The 2 modes do not work together, they are completely separate.

Yllvape-IH - Induction Heater NZWith the YLL-IH in one pocket and your Pen in the other you are ready to roll!

YLL-IH Modes
Click to View our Video on YouTube.

We found using Power Mode is really good because it has a small Dial on the OLED display that ticks around like a clock while heating, it is fantastic to use because you can wait for the Cap to Click and then count 1-2-3 seconds "after the click" using the dial to count, extremely handy! Then remember for the next hit how many secs you went past the click and do the same again if it was good or change it slightly until it's perfect. It's important to get your pens tip nicely heated up and then you will start to see more consistency in your cap clicks, heat ups and vapor output. Start low around 35watts and work up. Low is great!

Or, even better you can switch to Temp Mode so when you hold your pen in the oven it will display the temp (of the tip of the Cap) with rapidly increasing numbers until it reaches the temp you set. Once it reaches that temp it will hold and continue to heat at that temp with a Timer so you can see the dial counting for up to 16 seconds constantly at that temp. It's a great option because once you find the sweet spot, your cap is clicking (fully, not just a little click) and you are using Temp Mode you are not going to accidentally combust like you would with other heaters that seem to keep ramping up the temp as long as there's a pen in there. We recommend this mode for Newbies as it's all pretty much automatic. The thing we liked is the fact that when it reaches that Temp it will keep heating but no higher than say 375 deg F. That's a great place to start. Get a nice deep heat first by holding your pen in for a few seconds at temp, cool it, then do it again and see how that goes. If it needs a tweak just adjust the Temp.

As far as Modes go there's only 2 to select from and they are 2 separate modes, you don't set up the Power and the Temp, you just use the Temp Mode or the Power Mode. Initially we thought they worked together and you set both but they are 2 different things! So if using Temp Mode it doesn't matter what you set the Power Mode to as that is only for when you are using Power Mode. The same with Power Mode, the Temp settings have nothing to do with Power Mode.

Yllvape IH Modes Diagram - Helenskinz NZ

Yllvape IH Induction Heater for DynaVap Temp Mode NZ

The YLL-IH has a very accurate temperature sensor right where the pen contacts the device in the oven. If your cap isn't clicking using Temp Mode try increasing the Temp about 5 degrees at a time until you get that magic Click that all DynaVap users know so well. Or if in Power Mode just increase the watts. There are so many different ways to use the YLL-IH and it is not at all complicated, we highly recommend it for all DynaVap users new and experienced. We had great success using a Stainless Steel Tip, Titanium Tip and the Titanium 2021 Vong. The Vong and a Bubbler are a fantastic match for the YLL-IH.

YLL-IH Induction Heater by Yllvape with Bubbler & Vong NZ

We found it works great with the 2021 VonG by setting it to 50 Watts and holding it for anything up to 3 seconds (or longer) after the cap clicks in Power Mode. Once well heated up you can continue to vape and heat again and again until satisfied. In Temp Mode The 2021 Vong worked really well set a bit hotter than the 2021 M Pen setting. We found it worked great on Temp Mode at 405 F. Let it climb to 405 F, you will see it stop and the counter will start and go for 16 seconds heating at 405 F, no higher. If it didn't combust at 405 F it's unlikely to if you hold it in for a few seconds after the temp is reached, it will really get the heat into the tip using this method. It works great at 405 F using the Bubbler. Milky Vapor, yes please! It also works great with a Titanium Tip on one of our Fire Glass 90 Pro Stems, like the Black Fire Glass one below.

Yllvape Induction Heater with Fire Glass 90 Pro Stem NZThe unit can start to get a bit warm and as the Instruction Manual suggests, you should turn it off and let it cool if it gets hot. We only experienced warm not hot when testing the units but if you were to use the device between a couple of people in a session it will start to warm up but for one person it just gets warm during a normal session.

YLL-IH is a new Induction Heater uses variable controls NZ

We have pushed our Demo Yllvape Induction Heaters to the limit and we are satisfied that it is a total game changer having the ability to control the Power and Temp, it really makes all the difference. Have your Cap click in 6 seconds or go for a deep heat by quickly adjusting it for a longer heat that may take 12 seconds! We prefer the longer heat up, the vapor is denser and tastes great. You can slow everything down by dropping the Power or Temp depending which mode you are using. We found it was best to start low and work your way up rather than start high and work down, you don't want any accidental combustions!

YLL-IH is a new Induction Heater will variable controls NZ

Many people ask why no magnet for cooling? The magnet is hidden under the Yllvape Logo on the top. It works great, you do have to be a bit careful of scratches as it sits metal to metal on the logo but we found it it's fine if you are careful.

Yllvape IH Logo & Magnet - Helenskinz NZ

Remember this is a very small device and there's always a price to pay for tiny electronic devices and that's usually the battery capacity. This super Portable Induction Heater still has 3,000mAh and we have found that you can have multiple sessions while out and about no problem at all and when it goes flat you can very easily charge it up in your car using a Car Cigarette Lighter Adapter - QC 3.0 USB Plug (to achieve Fast Charging Ability in the car), just plug in your Yllvape IH using the Type-C USB Lead that comes in the kit and you will be up and running again in no time. Or buy a 2nd Type-C FC 3.0 Lead and leave it in the car with your plug. Type-C is much faster than the older Micro USB Leads so you can get back to using your device much quicker. You can also charge it from your Laptop, Tablet or a USB Wall Charger etc.

YouTube Yllvape NZ  YouTube Video of the Yllvape IH.


Details of the Yllvape IH.

  • Power Range of 30W to 70W. (Using Power Mode).
  • Temperature Range from 100° C to 230° C. (212° F - 446° F - Can change to Deg F in Temp Mode, Press PWR and UP button to change to C or F Degrees).
  • Heating box size 109mm x 63mm x 24mm, full metal aluminium shell.
  • Hidden Cooling Magnet, (under Yllvape Logo on top lid).
  • 3000mAh Battery, (fixed multiple batts, not removable like The Wand).
  • OLED Display with 3 selector buttons.
  • Session Counter. (Can reset).
  • 16-Second Heating Limiter.
  • Auto Heating - In Temp Mode the heater will stop increasing the temperature when it reaches your desired temp, set the temp to 375 F for example and it will heat up to 375 F and continue to heat for up to 16 seconds at 375 F.
  • Charging by USB-C, (Fast Charging) Car Adapters available.
  • User manual in English, simple and straight forward instructions.
  • Very simple to use, perfect for all DynaVap users new or experienced!
  • Warranty - 6 Months, Valid in NZ & Australia if purchased from Helenskinz. Please note: Warranty is only valid if purchased from an Authorized Seller. Helenskinz NZ is the NZ Agent for the new Yllvape Induction Heater.

Package Includes.

  • 1x Yllvape IH - (Induction Heater).
  • 1x USB Type-C Charging Lead.
  • 2x Stick On Anti-Slip Strips.
  • 1x User Manual.
  • Help if required - Free Help, just drop us a line and we will advise you.

Yllvape IH Temp Control Induction Heater for DynaVap NZ
Yllvape-IH comes with a User Manual and USB-C Charging Lead.

YLL-IH new Induction Heater Kit with variable controls NZ

Why do we import the Yllvape IH into New Zealand?

All Induction Heaters are NZ Stock - Ships from Auckland, NZ.

We have not seen anything quite like the Yllvape Induction Heater for DynaVap VapCaps in all the time we have spent hunting for outstanding vaping products around the globe, this one really stood out and as it happens we have been looking for something just like it, it was meant to be! This Induction Heater took us by surprise being so adaptable and versatile. It's definitely a next Generation Induction Heater, the difference between using a standard heater to this one is huge. Being able to change the Power or Temp is a no brainer, it's so much better having all that control to dial in exactly what YOU want!

Tiny, unique, effective and stunning! 

Yllvape IH - Temperature Control Induction Heater for DynaVap NZ
Only 109mm x 63mm. Much smaller than most phones. Only 1cm longer than a Business Card and the same width.

We have had great success testing this brand new Induction Heater in NZ, we scored a couple of samples from Yllvape and have made sure it is what they say it is, "an excellent DynaVap Induction Heater". We have completed testing of the final version which has better buttons, better chip, more battery capacity and Stick On Anti-Slip Strips for the bottom of the device. It will also now come with some non-slip bottom feet to keep the back clear of the ground preventing scratches and wear and to aid in cooling. Having the ability to change the power & temp makes this IH very special , we are used to listening for the click and quickly removing the pen in some Induction Heaters because some are on the hotter side. We are used to holding it in for 2-3 secs after the click in the DynaTec Rover & Apollo and the Orion V2. They are all quite different. This is the first one we have stocked with temp control (apart from The Wand) and it's a whole different beast, this isn't a Hot IH or a Slow IH, it's anything and everything you want it to be, you have complete control, you just need to experiment and find a combination that you like the best and stick with it. Saying that, we found that you will end up with settings you remember for each different vape/pen, like the 2021 M compared to the VonG or Omni vapes. At any time you can dial it up a notch or even mellow things out and turn it down.

Yllvape-IH - Induction Heater and VapCap NZ

As far as Portable Induction Heaters go, this is a game changer. We have enjoyed testing the brand new Yllvape Induction Heaters and now that the testing is over we will continue to use them, it's hard going back to the other Induction Heaters we have when you can use this one, it's certainly our favorite of all the induction heaters we have tried to date! Tiny, powerful and extremely versatile. Oh, and fun!

Yllvape IH Induction Heater for DynaVap Type-C USB Charging NZ

With the Yllvape IH you can play with the temp or voltage until you have it heating your VapCap Pens perfectly, it's fantastic and we don't know how we ever got by without any controls in the past. You can heat to the click in a few seconds or dial things down and get a nice long "penetrating heat-up" which will give you maximum extraction and milky vapor that can be seen when using one of our Glass Bubblers. After testing 2 identical devices for a month our Team all agreed that importing the new Yll-IH heater was a no brainer, so that's why we import and stock them in Auckland, NZ. We didn't want to stock any until the device was 100% complete and tested, we would rather it be late and working perfectly than early with issues. Remember this is a brand new device that has just landed in New Zealand. Available now, Jan 02, 2022.

Orion V2 vs Yllvape IH Comparison - Helenskinz NZ

Orion V2 vs Yllvape IH Comparisons - Helenskinz NZThe DynaTec (DynaVap) Orion V2 comparison to the YLL-IH. Very similar in size.

It's a lean mean and ingenious little heating machine!

Yllvape IH Temp Control Induction Heater Diagram NZ
When we say little we mean little, it is only 109mm long and 63mm wide and thin enough (24mm) to slide into ones pocket. Maybe not ideal for jeans pockets but certainly perfect for jacket pockets, bags, etc, all we can say is expect it to be smaller than you think, it's a whole lotta heater in a tiny and very slim & slick looking case. The product is launching in Cobalt Blue and will be available in other colors in the near future. At the moment blue is the only color they produce in the new 2021 Yll-IH units. Who doesn't like Brushed Cobalt Blue!

The New Yllvape Temp Control Induction Heater OLED Display NZ


We have a new range of Vape Cases in stock imported from USA. We found the DynaVap Hemp Shield Large Case is ideal for the YLL-IH Heater.
YLL-IH in DynaVap Hemp Shield Case NZ
YLL-IH in DynaVap Hemp Shield Cases NZ

The New Yllvape Temp Control Induction Heater NZ

We do have alternatives and we recommend taking a quick look at what your options are for Induction Heating Devices. We stock the best Induction Heaters available from around the world!

The Wand is a wonderful device but we would not recommend it to a newbie. Ispire have made a new Wand "DynaVap DynaVap Insert Kit" that is now available. We also have The Wand Tripod Stand. This will make The Wand a very good option for ALL DynaVap users, we highly recommend it. If you are looking for an Induction Heater to use at home and on outings we also have the Orion V2 which is DynaTecs (DynaVap) best portable Induction Heater, a top device that comes with a very handy zipper case that can hold your botanicals and your pens alongside your Induction Heater.

An Alternative Product to consider for Induction Heaters NZ

The Wand, The UFO & The Orion V2 Induction Heaters NZ

Induction Heaters at Helenskinz for heating & vaping DynaVap Vapes NZ

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DynaVap Info NZ

VapCap Vaping Instructions.

For more instructions on how to use the VapCap or Captive Cap please refer to our latest VapCap page, the DynaVap 2021 M - Fall Colors 2021 - 4 Colors to select from.

See All DYNAVAP Products.

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DynaVap Downloads NZ
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Download DynaVap User Manual
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Download the DynaVap 2021 M Vaporizer - USER GUIDE (below)

Helenskinz is an Authorized Reseller of DynaVap products NZ

Helenskinz is an Authorized Reseller
of DynaVap products in New Zealand and Australia. Warranty approved. Helenskinz imports all DynaVap products directly from DynaVap USA.

Click to visit DynaVap USA - Authorized Retailers page.


Dynavap USA 

  Portable Vaporizer Accessories. Vape Supplies NZ.

Imported American Herb Grinders
Need a Grinder?

VapeTube 10 Water Tool Bubbler for DynaVap

10mm, no adapter required. All VapCap Pens fit straight into the frosted receptor. We have tested these Bubblers on many different vapes as we also sell the 14mm version. This 10mm version is fantastic, pour your water into the top, heat your VapCap with your Wand, Yllvape IH or Orion V2 and when you hear the loud click place the mouthpiece of the DynaVap VapCap Pen into the bottom of the Bubbler and take the longest coolest draw ever! These bubblers are awesome. They don't only work really well they are also tough with thick glass and a solid build. With The Wand you can even add some heat while drawing by simply waving your Wand a couple of times over your Cap, be careful not to combust, do it near the end of your draw before the Cooled Down Click happens! You can do the same with any Induction Heater (IH), we call it "Dipping", just wait until you expect the Cool Down Click to happen and Dip your Cap into the heater oven (while drawing) for a couple of seconds "before the click" and you will extend your draw! This method requires a good set of lungs but is kinda fun!
VapeTube 10 Water Tool Bubbler for DaVinci Vaporizer NZ

VapeTube 10 and VapeTube 14 Water Bubblers for DynaVap NZ

Yllvape NZ

Yllvape Authorized Reseller NZ - YLL-IH NZ
Warranty Valid in New Zealand when purchased from Helenskinz NZ.

Beware of Counterfeit Devices!

These types of devices get copied and manufactured illegally all the time. The Yllvape IH is brand new (November 2021) and shouldn't have any Knock Off's out there yet but it's just a matter of time with all of these devices until someone starts making counterfeit devices. We recommend you always buy from an Authorized Dealer and shopping locally is always the safest way to get an Authentic Device. Places online like EBay are loaded with counterfeit devices, beware!


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