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UFO Portable Induction Heater for VapCap Vape

Vaping Fans

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UFO Portable Induction Heater NZ: $229 NZD In GST.

Released in NZ: 02 Aug 2021.

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UFO Portable Induction Heater NZ
UFO Induction Heater by Vaping Fans NZ

UFO Portable Induction Heater for DynaVap VapCap.

By Vaping Fans - Herbal Vaporizer Mod Manufacturers.

Meet the New UFO Portable Induction Heater!

For Vaping your DynaVap VapCap "On The Go" with style, grab your UFO and enjoy Induction Heating while out and about, anywhere you please. Your VapCaps best friend when you're mobile. This is a brand new Portable Induction Heater for heating your DynaVap VapCap Pen, released late July 2021. We have been testing a bunch of Induction Heaters, portable ones because being Portable is what we are all about! Induction Heaters have been around for a while but there aren't too many portable induction heaters. This ones really nice and we have really enjoyed testing it. Check out the videos below.UFO Portable Induction Heater for VapCap VapeWe have been testing the UFO's for 3 months now, we have used them over and over again, hundreds of Heat Ups and have not had one glitch, we are getting a really decent amount of cycles per charge and the fast charging is excellent using the provided wall charger and Type-C USB. It's super easy to pop the UFO into your jacket pocket, step outside if that's what you do at home and slip your pen into the heating chamber and wait for that magic Click, or 2! The UFO is fantastic to use, we really can't justify how happy we are with the product right down to the kit itself and packaging, it's a really nice product. It's not hard to set up (if you need to at all) for how you want it to work, we have all the info you need below. Put it this way, if we weren't completely satisfied with the UFO Induction Heater we wouldn't have just placed our 4th order for more of them, we only want to sell great products that do what they are meant to do and are high quality. The UFO did nothing but impress us, it's a really cool little unit that works so well. We have been testing 3 different portable Induction Heaters and the UFO is as good if not better than anything else we tried. Because the UFO is nice and small and Auto Heat it tends be the one you reach for every time. We really like the Auto Heating, you just drop your pen in and it starts to heat (with LED lights flashing that you can count, 8 flashes works great), with the Orion V2 etc you need to press the pen down for the entire heating period. See our new UFO Video at the bottom of this page, unboxing and a few demo heat ups using a VonG by DynaVap in the UFO. All VapCap Pens like the 2020 M and the 2021 M will work, it's designed for these vape pens.

UFO Portable Induction Heater NZ

UFO Induction Heater.


  • Fast Heating 3-8s to Click - You decide how to set it up.
  • Very portable, can fit in any large pocket, purse, bag etc.
  • Custom Heating - 2 Extra Glass Tubes included, Different Tubes & allows tuning of your UFO. It's easy, see below.
  • Heating Protection 12s.
  • 5mins Auto Power Off.
  • Comes with a Fast Charger for the wall, USB-C Cable included to charge UFO.
  • Charge up time is excellent, fastest IH to charge of the 3 we tested.
  • Auto Intelligent Activation - No pressing the pen, just drop it in, it's automatic.
  • 2x Strong Magnets for VapCap - Strong magnets, having 2 is perfect for cooling cap thoroughly.
  • 6 Months Warranty - Valid in NZ & Australia through Helenskinz (NZ Agent).

Package Includes.

  • 1x UFO Portable Induction Heater.
  • 1x Type-C USB Charging Cable.
  • 2x Spare Glass Tubes.
  • 6x Silicon Tuning Discs.
  • 1x Fast Charger +(Free NZ Plug adapter from Helenskinz)
  • User Manual.

UFO Induction Heater Package Includes NZ Helenskinz

UFO Induction Heater Box front and back NZ

UFO Induction Heater NZ Portable Device

After trying a few different Induction Heaters we can now appreciate certain things that were previously overlooked. Like the magnets on the UFO, they are better than any other heater we tried for 2 reasons. They are bigger and there's 2 of them so when you cool your cap by placing it on a magnet after a draw you can cool it on one and then as that magnet gets hot you can move it to the 2nd magnet which will bring about a 2nd click of your cap very quickly. The magnets are also much stronger so you can carry the UFO about with a pen or 2 on the magnets and they tend to stay there, that is not the case with other heaters we tried, the magnets are smaller and weaker and they only have the one magnet.

UFO Induction Heater NZ - Magnets

UFO Induction Heater by Vaping Fans NZ

Also see the Heating Coil/Element below, it sits about midway on the cap and you can tune it so your cap sits higher or lower, in turn changing the amount of time it takes for a click or often 2 clicks, the second being the loud one.

UFO Induction Heater Element and Magnets NZ
UFO Heating Coil up close. Auto detection of your pen allows simple use of this device, simply drop it in and the glass will start flashing red until you hear the clicks. Ideally you want to hear at least one loud click, we have ours tuned to be ready to vape at the loud click, any longer and it will combust. It's worked out this way after using the straight tube and about 4 silicon spacers, it could not be better, when it clicks remove it immediately and vape away! Remember this, the DynaVap VapCap is incredible at extracting so take it easy with your Vapping to start with, the induction heater makes it so easy to use it's very tempting to keep vaping it. Definitely a fun device and a very high quality unit that works better than we ever expected, it's just what we were looking for and we are certain our customers are going to love this little masterpiece as much as we do!


Being Portable is great and we have found the UFO is fine in any jacket pocket or the palm of your hand. It's also easy to hold due to the rubbery feel of the device. In comparison to the DynaTec Orion V2 it is quite a bit smaller and more manageable. Here's a picture of the 2 devices side by side. UFO vs Orion V2.

UFO Induction Heater and Orion V2 Comparison

Tuning Your UFO Induction Heater.

You only need to tune or change your UFO set up if you are not happy with the way it works, it should work well for you right out of the box. If you do change it, make a note of how it was when it arrived in case you want to come back to the stock set up.

The thing we like about the UFO is that you can tune it to work how you want it to work. We have made a quick diagram below to help explain the tuning process, it's very easy and kinda fun to do. There's only one thing to think about with your UFO tuning, that's the "Vertical Height" of the pens cap when your pen is in the heater. You can change the height by changing the Heaters Glass Inserts supplied in your kit. You will also find some small silicon discs, they are for fine tuning once you decide on the high or low glass insert. The low one is just a glass tube and the high one is a glass tube with a section inside that acts as the bottom when you insert your pen. We found the heating too rapid with the high one (you may find your Pen is different to ours as far as when it clicks). It put the Cap Tip right in the hottest area. See our illustration which shows you where everything is, it really isn't at all complicated. We assumed the hot coil went all the way to the bottom of the UFO oven (where the tip of your cap would be). Once you realize that the coil is actually not at the bottom and is more like midway in the oven you will understand why you need to adjust it so your cap clicks at the right time. The Tip of your Cap in relation to the Hot UFO Coil determines how quickly it will click. So lowering your Cap should change it to take longer to click as you are moving it down and away from the hot coil.

Having said that we have also found counting the flashes of the UFO LED lights is a very effective and easy way to get it right almost every time. We also found that once the VapCap Tip is nicely heated up from a previous hit you can leave the VapCap in the UFO for aprox 6 LED Flashes (RED) and even if the Cap doesn't click the vapor is really good, if you hold it there for 7 flashes you will be on the edge of Vaporization and Combustion and it's very easy to combust if you are not paying attention to the flashes. What we are saying is, find the amount of flashes that works for you and stick with it, you will hardly ever combust if you stick to the same Heating Time, every time! If you don't cool the cap down between hits you can combust in less than 6 flashes but only because you didn't start with a low enough temperature. So you can vape like a Trooper with your VapCap without ever hearing the Click of your Cap. You can buy Low Temp Caps that click at a lower temp, that could be an interesting thing to try with an IH.

UFO induction Heater Tuning Guide NZ

How to Tune your UFO Induction Heater.

By adding Silicon Spacers you can adjust the time it takes to Click your Cap. Using the straight basic glass tube (low one) and spacers you can fine tune when your Cap Clicks by adding one disc at a time and testing until satisfied. You may prefer your Cap to heat slower to properly penetrate your herb inside the VapCap oven. Experiment, it’s not difficult. As you raise the Cap with Spacers it will start to Click in less time, more rapidly. This is because you are bringing the Tip of the Cap into the Hot Element area. The Cap always takes longer to Click if you don't heat the Tip of the Cap as much using a Torch Lighter. The same applies here, because the Heating Element is not at the bottom and is actually about mid way in the middle of the Cap. You need to raise the Cap to bring the Tip closer to the heat. When the UFO first arrives it usually has the Glass Insert that has a 2nd section inside (high one), we found this put the Cap Tip right inside the Element area and it would Click the Cap in 2 seconds. We wanted slower heating so used the straight tube and 4 spacers, now it clicks in about 5 seconds and it always clicks twice. We remove the VapCap on the 2nd click and it's perfect! You can hold it in longer but the way we have tuned ours is bang on at the 2nd click, we highly recommend you try the method above, it works very well and has made the UFO so much better. All parts included in kit, you may want to revisit this page when you buy one if you forget how to do it. You are welcome to email us for advice if you have any issues setting up your UFO Induction Heater.

UFO Induction Heater NZ

UFO Induction Heater in the Swiss Alps
Image provided by: leaftrack_1620 (Instagram Handle)

UFO Induction Heater Outdoors NZ

Lawn Mowing on Ride-On Mower with UFO Induction Heater NZ

2 VapCap Pens on a UFO Induction Heater Helenskinz NZ

UFO Portable Induction Heater for VapCap Vape Video NZ

UFO Induction Heater NZ Super Portable

YouTube Videos UFO Induction Heater NZ
UFO Induction Heater Videos.

Our own HELENSKINZ UFO Induction Heater Video NZ.

Watch the Vapefiend Review the UFO Induction Heater.

Click the image to see his review, it's the best one but is restricted so cannot embed on the page like the other videos. Or click HERE to see the review.

Vapefiend UK

George at Vapefiend UFO Induction Heater Review
It's a good review, highly recommended!

Full DynaVap collection in wooden box with UFO Induction Heater
There's nothing quite like being organized!

Image provided by: leaftrack_1620 (Instagram Handle).

Helenskinz is the NZ Agent for
Vaping Fans UFO Induction Heaters.

An Alternative Product to consider for Induction Heaters NZ

This is the latest version of the Orion Portable Induction Heater and a well improved one at that, meet the Orion V2 by DynaTec (DynaVap) USA. Fully Portable Induction Heater for DynaVap VapCap Pens. 50 Clicker! USB Type-C Charging. This one is more expensive but is also the best and newest one from the DynaVap / DynaTec Crew, check it out, click the ORION V2 below to visit our Portable ORION V2 Induction Heater (IH) Page. You can't go wrong with a DynaTec product and the new V2 is so much better than the V1, this ones got it all going on and all the V1 issues fixed! It also comes in a very nice black zipper protective case that has room for your VapCap Vapes as well and a SnapStash Stash Tin that comes with the case. The Wand by ISPIRE - NZ Stock. We also have the even newer Ispire THE WAND. The Wand by Ispire is a Hand Held Induction Heater for heating Bangers and DynaVap VapCap Pens. It's The Ultimate DynaVap VapCap Heating device!

The Wand, UFO & DynaVap Orion V2 Induction Heaters at Helenskinz NZ

DynaVap VapCap Torch Lighters NZ


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Helenskinz is an Authorized Reseller
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10mm, no adapter required. All VapCap Pens fit straight into the frosted receptor. We have tested these Bubblers on many different vapes as we also sell the 14mm version. This 10mm version is fantastic, pour your water into the top, heat your VapCap with your Induction Heater or your Torch Lighter and when you hear the loud click place the mouthpiece of the DynaVap VapCap Pen into the bottom of the Bubbler and take the longest coolest draw ever! These bubblers are awesome. They don't only work really well they are strong with thick glass and a solid build.
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