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Mighty Medic Medical Vaporizer NZ


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Where to buy Medical Vaporizer NZ? Right here!

Mighty Medic 2 Vape NZ - For Medical Cannabis NZHybrid  Herbal Aromatherapy Blends Essential Oil   Vapormed NZ

By Vapormed Germany.

Medical Device for Patients Vaporizing Medicinal Cannabis in NZ.

Mighty Medic 2 - New Zealand Stock - Helenskinz


The Mighty Medic is a TGA registered medical device. It is intended for inhalation of cannabinoids, the active ingredients from medicinal cannabis now legal in New Zealand with a script. The Mighty Medic is intended for vaporization of cannabinoids from dried, ground cannabis flowers only. Administering cannabinoids via a vaporizer ensures a faster onset of effect, compared to ingestion. This dual battery-operated device is portable, allowing dose administration on the go. Medicinal cannabis is a prescription medicine in NZ. Talk to your healthcare professional if you would like more information. You don't need to produce a prescription to buy this product.

Mighty Medic Medical Cannabis Vaporizer NZ

What's in the box.

  • 1x MIGHTY MEDIC Vaporizer
  • 3x Lip Piece/Mouthpiece
  • 1x Power Adapter 240 Volt (with NZ Plug)
  • 1x Set of Spare Seal Rings
  • 3x Spare Screen (approx. 15 mm)
  • 1x Herb Mill (approx. 59 mm)
  • 1x Magazine with 8 Dosing Capsules
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x Instructions for Use

We do advise getting a decent metal herb grinder so you can get the most out of your Mighty Medic Vape. We have a good selection of Imported Herb Grinders here. If you use a Decarboxylator like the Ardent FLEX (that we import from USA) you will be able to crumble your cannabis flower with your fingers straight into your oven or capsules.

Mighty Medic Kit NZ - Full Kit Contents

Mighty Medic 2 Medicinal Marijuana Vape NZ

Above shows the Mighty Loading Tool you can buy separately, it connects to the top of your oven and allows you to easily fill your oven with ground herb. Check our accessories to see if we have any in stock.


The Mighty Medic uses a combination of air and radiant heating. Air heating provides continuous vaporization, while radiant heating ensures vapor is produced right from the first breath. You can use the included Dosing Capsules to quickly and cleanly fill the Filling Chamber integrated into the Hot Air Generator. The Cooling Unit ensures the vapor cools down to an appropriate temperature.

Mighty Medic Medicinal Cannabis Vape by Vapormed Germany - NZ

The Mighty Medic is operated using + and - buttons (above), and the highly visible LED display is self-explanatory. Once the actual temperature matches the individually adjustable target temperature, the device is ready to start vaping.


Portable Vaporizer with patented combination of full hot air convection heating and additional conduction plus a large LED display.

  • Width: 8cm / Height: 14cm / Depth: 3cm
  • Weight: 235g.
  • Temperature range: 40 degrees Celsius to 210 degrees Celsius.
Mighty Vaporizer for Medical Use in NZ - Mighty Medic

Mighty Medic Medicinal Marijuana Vape by Vapormed Germany - NZ


The Mighty Medic has two Lithium-Ion batteries. The double battery pack ensures a long service life and large radius of action. The Mighty Medic can also be operated using the power adapter if the battery is out of charge using the pass-through method so you will never be without the device!


The Mighty Medic Kit comes with an 8 slot Dosing Capsule Magazine. Pre-Load your Dosing Capsules and hit the road. You can even use Concentrates/Wax and Oil in the Dosing Capsules using the Oil Pad inside the capsule. This is also a great way to keep the build up of residue to a minimum and will not make such a mess of your oven, the dosing capsules are easy to clean if you submerge in ISO Alcohol.

Mighty Medic NZ Includes 8 Dosing Capsules & a Magazine


For hygiene reasons, the Mighty Medic Vaporizer may only be operated with the disposable Lip Piece attached to the Mouthpiece. The Lip Piece of the Mighty Medic Vaporizer is equipped with a check valve. This check valve reduces the risk of possible contamination in the interior of the cooling unit by preventing inhalation into the Cooling Unit. A new Cooling Unit must be used if the device is used by a different person. The Mighty Medic is only designed for vaporization and inhalation of cannabinoids from Cannabis / Marijuana flowers.

Mighty Medic New Zealand - Helenskinz Vape Shop


This device is only intended for vaporization of Medicinal Marijuana / Medical Cannabis Flowers as prescribed by your doctor in New Zealand for your medical condition. Medicinal cannabis is a prescription medicine in NZ and is dispensed from your pharmacy. You do not need a script to buy this Mighty Medic Vaporizer.

The Mighty Medic is not appropriate for patients with known respiratory tract or lung conditions. Depending on the density, the vapor could irritate respiratory tract or lungs, which can lead to coughing. Although the inhalation of vaporized cannabis causes much less irritation than smoking, first-time users need to allow themselves an initial period of time to find the optimum temperature for the administration. The inhalation should be done in a conscious, focused manner.

This device is not intended for use in children and youth under 18 years old.

The Mighty Medic is a scientifically proven way to inhale cannabinoids from cannabis flowers.

Helenskinz NZ


Mighty Medic vaporizers are intended for vaporization and inhalation of cannabinoids, the active ingredients from medicinal cannabis; they heat the plant material in the filling chamber through controlled temperatures set by patients. They are registered as medical devices with Therapeutic Goods administration (TGA) in Australia and listed on New Zealand's Web Assisted Notification of Devices (WAND) Database.

Mighty Medic is an unfunded medical device. Mighty Medic and VAPORMED are the registered trademarks of STORZ & BICKEL, Germany.

Currently there are no registered medicinal cannabis flowers/dry products in New Zealand. (May, 2021). This is due to change in mid 2021.

Please note that we can offer advice on dry herb vaping and vaporizers but we do not offer advice on Cannabis use, we can only advise you on the equipment to vaporize your Medical Cannabis in NZ.

Authentic Vapormed Vapes NZ (Storz & Bickel NZ - Germany). Medical Devices are used for patients to Vaporize - Vape Legal Medicinal Cannabis in NZ. These devices are Certified Medical Vaporizers in NZ. Mighty Medic NZ and Volcano Medic 2 NZ. @ Helenskinz Vaporizer & Infusion Shop NZ.

Privacy Information. Please note that all sales of the Mighty Medic and Volcano Medic 2 must be reported monthly to Storz & Bickel, this information is for warranty purposes and will include the device serial number, the customers name and address.

Download the Mighty Medic Operating Manual.

Download the Operating Manual for the Vapormed Vaporizers NZ


Mighty Medic User Manual Download NZ

Mighty Medic 2 YouTube Videos


Mighty Medic Overview from Spectrum Therapeutics APAC on Vimeo.


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