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The Vong 2021
Conduction Herbal Aromatherapy Blends Essential Oils   DynaVap NZ

DynaVap 2021 The VonG & 2022 VonG (i) Dry Herb Vaporizer NZ.

Product Description.

Wood and Titanium ambitiously coalesce to form the new 2021 interpretation of The VonG. The smallest herbal vape pen in the world!

DynaVap VapCap THE VonG Vape Pen NZ
The precision machined wooden sleeve acts as an eclipsing airport to reveal the VonG's exclusive titanium liner and is retained by dual titanium crowns paying homage to the original Ti Woodies. We will still have the Wooden version until our stock runs out and then the VonG will be the new Vong (i) Titanium Body Vape only.

Meet the new 2022 DynaVap VonG (i) all Titanium Vape NZ

In August 2022 we added the brand new DynaVap VonG (i) which is a full Titanium vape from tip to toe. The wooden part has been replaced with a "Sleeve" that is interchangeable. DynaVap USA will be making them in all sorts of new colors. You will be able to buy just a sleeve in Red, Blue, White etc from our NZ Stock and simply change the look of your VonG (i) (The "i" stands for Interchangeable).

new 2022 DynaVap VonG (i) all Titanium Vape NZ

It's a very nice addition to an already amazing vape, our favorite DynaVap Pen by far! This version has a very smooth rotation for easy-to-control airflow. We have added some images of the new Ti VonG (i) to the gallery above. We also have a page for Sleeves, more will be added as they come out.Moving on to the tip. A Nona notched completely contoured extraction chamber that doubles as a built in grinder sits atop a trisected 5 fin profile. Contained inside the extraction chamber is the two position Adjust-a-Bowl feature that allows you to adjust the size of the dosing chamber to your needs.

The VonG "Free SlimStash" promotion is over from DynaVap, the VonG now ships in the original Bamboo Tube, not the SlimStash, although we do have SlimStash available if you want to purchase one. Shown in the image at the top of the page you can see what the new VonG (i) comes in, it's a metal tube like a giant pen with a wooden cap.

The 2021 VonG by DynaVap NZ in SlimStash

The VonG by DynaVap NZ

The VonG DynaVap VapCap NZ HelenskinzFinally, a combined 10mm and 14mm tapered mouthpiece seals the deal mating perfectly with water pieces, bongs and bubblers. The Vong is the greatest vape we have ever tried in a Bubbler, in combination with an Induction Heater the sky is the limit. When testing our YLL-IH Induction Heaters we have used The VonG 90% of the time, it's such a good vape for the Bubbler too and all 3 work together so well. It's an epic set up!

Sneaky Pete's VONG Review - Helenskinz NZ

The 2021 VonG by DynaVap | A Huge Upgrade, Their Best New Model? | Sneaky Pete’s Vaporizer Reviews from Sneaky Pete on Vimeo.

The Vong Vape in the VapeTube 14 Water Bubbler Tool NZ The VonG | UFO | 14mm Bubbler. The VonG will fit into the VapeTube 10 or the VapeTube 14 bubbler, one being 10mm and the other a 14mm. The Vong is both sizes so we recommend getting the 14mm Bubbler so you can use your Bubbler with all vapes you may have now or in the future, like a Pax or a Mighty for example.

DynaVap VonG, SlimStash, UFO Induction Heater and Bubbler NZThe VonG comes with a Captive Cap and will fit in any standard size DynaStash or SlimStash (below). It is also compatible in size with all of the Induction Heaters we sell, YLL-IH, The Orion V2 and The Wand by Ispire with the new DYADP DynaVap Adapter.

DynaVap VonG inside SlimStash NZ

We stock a range of DynaVap Parts, Mods & Accessories in New Zealand so there's plenty of support available should you need something in a hurry.


DynaVap The VonG Features.

  • Made in USA.
  • Manual Heating.
  • 10mm and 14mm Compatible (Water Tools).
  • Full Titanium Liner.
  • Can be used as a Pen and/or with a Water Tool.

The Vong Specs NZ

Technical specifications.

  • Length: 3.5 inches/89mm/8.9cm.
  • Diameter: 3/8 inch / 10mm/1 cm.

Specs on the Vong by DynaVap NZ

What's in the box.

  • VonG or Vong (i) Vaporizer.
  • Comes in a Bamboo or Metal Tube.

DynaVap VONG Vape Kit NZ

New 2021 The Vong NZ

Diving Deeper into the 2021 VonG NZ

Not essential reading but if you are interested in the Nitty Gritty of The VonG please keep reading!

The 2021 VonG from DynaVap showcases a wooden body inlay with a complete titanium liner, mouthpiece, and heating tip, each sporting their own stylish cut outs and slick curves. The double tapered mouthpiece mates with both 10mm and 14mm female joints for water-conditioned hits, no water pipe adapter needed. The Vong plugs straight into our 10mm or 14mm Bubblers, we recommend buying the 14mm VapeTube 14, it is slightly larger and being 14mm you will be able to use any vape in it providing you have an adapter for your vape with a 14mm male end. We sell these adapters for Pax 2/3, DaVinci IQ2 & IQC, DynaVap VapCap, Crafty+, Mighty, Mighty+, Mighty Medic, Solo 2, Air 2 and more.

Who's the DynaVap VonG for?

The 2021 VonG by DynaVap in SlimStash NZ

The DynaVap VonG vaporizer is perfect for users who want to vape through glass/H2O but it also makes a great small VapCap Pen that feels great in your hand, you don't have to use it in a Water Tool. It's nice knowing you can connect your VonG to both a 10mm and 14mm Waterpipe. There is always the option of grabbing a 2021 M Pen as we now have all the new 2021 M Fall Colors in stock NZ. Please remember the 2 Bubblers we sell are 10mm and 14mm, the VONG fits both!

If you’re in the market for a true one-hitter, a manual vape that's practically indestructible and mates with most glass bongs, bubblers and water pieces, consider the DynaVap VonG.

DynaVap VonG Mouthpiece NZ

We are completely convinced that DynaVapping is a great path to take after sitting on the fence for a few years we finally tried a DynaVap VapCap thinking, "this is not for me, the whole lighter thing". Were we ever wrong! We were sent 2 free M VapCaps and went about trying to find a lighter that didn't nearly melt the poor cap. Once we found decent lighters (that we still sell today) we found the VapCap was one of the most powerful vapor producers out of all the vapes we have tried over the last 15 years. It's deceiving because the oven is tiny but don't let that fool you, the VapCap (VonG VapCap) is a superb little vape and The VonG is just the Bee's Knee's in our opinion.

The Wand by Ispire Induction Heater with new 2021 VonG in NZ

We find that heating the VonG with one of our Induction Heaters until you hear the first tiny click from your Cap is a productive (yet safe from combustion) method and blocking the Air Port completely while drawing on it is most definitely the answer to getting massive clouds. The same goes for using one of our Torch Lighters.

Combusting is a pain, you are best to pull your vape apart after combusting to give it a decent clean with ISO and a few cotton buds. If using a Bubbler, give it some ISO and hot water and a few shakes and refill with fresh cold water. Or you can use our Randy's Black Label Cleaner or DynaVap DynaClean. Combusting leaves behind the smell and taste of combusted herb so cleaning is advisable if you want it to taste great again.

Aomai DynaVa Torch Lighters NZ - HelenskinzCombusting is a pain, you are best to pull your vape apart after combusting to give it a decent clean with ISO and a few cotton buds. If using a Bubbler, give it some ISO and hot water and a few shakes and refill with fresh cold water. Combusting leaves behind the smell and taste of combusted herb so cleaning is advisable if you want it to taste great again.

Made for Glass, but not limited to Glass.

Water Bubbler and DynaVap VonG Vape NZThe VonG features a tapered titanium mouthpiece that connects perfectly with any 10mm or 14mm female fitting for thick & milky, tasty vapor through your favorite glass water piece like a Bubbler. See our images of The VonG mounted in the VapeTube 14, 14mm Bubbler Water Tool that we import and stock in NZ.

The Vong & the VapeTube 14 Bubbler NZIt's easy to leave your VonG attached to the Bubbler while you heat it in the Induction Heater. We are playing with a new idea of what we call "Dipping", that's when you Dip the VapCap Cap into the Induction Heater for 2-3 seconds while already drawing on another Heat Up which extends your draw by about another 10-20 seconds giving you a whopping cloud on the exhale! You must be careful not to combust! The Wand Induction Heater will be the best device for this as you can wave The Wand over your cap while drawing to add more heat as it cools especially with the new DYADP DynaVap Adapter Kit.

Microdose ready.

DynaVap VonG Captive Cap on SlimStash NZThe DynaVap VonG comes with an adjust-a-bowl titanium tip that has two settings - 0.1 grams and 0.05 grams. The titanium bowl is surprisingly effective, even with so little. It's also quick to reload, so you can vape back-to-back bowls for bigger sessions.

Manual Heating.

The VonG is heated with a lighter or Induction Heater putting you in full control. The ‘Cap’ has an audible click to let you know you're at temperature and ready to vape, if you cross that line you will be combusting, it can be tricky if vaping right up to the line in temp. Having said that, this is the "Sweet Spot" where you will create dense vapor with big clouds. With the Induction Heaters especially you often hear a tiny click a split second before the Loud Click (you can get great vapor removing it from the heat on the first tiny click). It's so simple, but effective, and takes the guesswork out of Flame/Heater based vaporizers. Change what section of the cap you heat to give you different vaping temperatures, from 300° F to 450° F, so you’re in full control. Don't be afraid to try vaping at temps prior to the click, it can be very good.

UFO, VonG and Water Bubbler NZ

If you love your VapCap you will go nuts with one of our Induction Heaters not to mention our new Bubblers, The VonG really makes VapCapping through H2O a superb experience, one you can enjoy every day. We found it very hard to go back to using just a VapCap after using a Bubbler, vaping through a Bubbler is not just cooler allowing you to take a much larger hit, it's just a really nice way to draw, the bubbles feel and sound very soothing as all those little Vapor Filled Bubbles pop inside the Bubbler before heading to the top and out into your mouth/lungs. It's just really nice to draw on.

Fast as fire.

VonG Vaping Kit DynaVap NZ

The VONG Vape and Yllvape IH Induction Heater Combo NZThe Yllvape-IH Induction Heater is a great choice for The VONG Vaporizer Pen.

Hemp Shield DynaVap Large Case with YLL-IH and VONG Pen NZThe best Hemp Shield DynaVap Cases - Large, for your YLL-IH and your VONG.

The VonG heats up in five to ten seconds from a cold start, and even faster during a session. Torch Lighters or Induction Heaters are best. It pays to do one quick Heat Up, place it back on the DynaMag or Heater Magnet/s for the Cool Down Click, then go again with a pre-heated tip. You will start to produce decent vapor on your first attempt if you pre-heat the tip first. Your 2nd and 3rd hits will be much larger than the first couple usually. You may be interested in our new Vap Tray's shown in the image above, it has a strong magnet in the middle for your pen and spikes that allow you to clear your used ABV material into the tray below. You can either dump it or save it, the Vap Tray makes for a great addition to any DynaVap collection. You can buy a Vap Tray here.

Vap Tray by Vaping Fans NZ   The Vap Tray for DynaVap Pens NZ

Custom, tasty vapor.

DynaVap The VonG with Orion V2 Induction Heater NZThe VONG with an Orion V2 Induction Heater.

With the Vongs manual heating, you’re in complete control of the vapor. Dial in a fast and light inhale, or a thick and heavy cloud, depending on where you heat the cap. With the small bowl size, every hit is full of flavor. Your botanicals will vaporize right through unlike a Pax for example where stirring is essential. The VapCap oven is small enough to get fully vaped through! Check the color after and see if it's all nice and dark brown. Our latest Induction Heater The Wand is going to be one of the best devices for targeted heating of your cap using the new DYADP DynaVap Inserts by Ispire. (See below).

The Wand by Ispire NZThe New DYADP DynaVap Inserts for The Wand.

DYADP DynaVap adapter kits for The Wand induction heater NZ

DYADP The Wand DynaVap Adapter Kit by Ispire NZ

DYADP Passthrough Cup The Wand DynaVap Adapter Kit by Ispire NZUltra-efficient.

Using the DynaVap VonG NZYou can come back to the same bowl later, since the VonG does not heat your herb between inhales. The simple manual heating makes this one of the most efficient vapes we’ve come across. Don't be at all surprised if you find you are using much less herb that usual, we have heard this from several DynaVap customers and have also experienced it ourselves.

No battery to charge.

DynaVap vaporizers work with any heat source, but work best with a small torch lighter or induction heater. No more worries about battery life, and "recharging" is as simple as refilling your lighter with butane. If you are using an Induction Heater you will know how easy they are to charge, most are USB Type-C and charge very quickly.

Super small & Discreet.

The VonG is 3.5” long, which puts it high in the running for smallest herbal vape ever. It comes in a VapCap shaped Bamboo Tube that you can use as easy storage. The image below is showing how the Vong fits into a SlimStash vape case by DynaVap. It also fits in the DynaStash that comes with our starter kits. (The Limited Edition VONG SlimStash promotion is now over).

2021 M DynaVap Pens Verdium Rosium Azurium & 2021 VonG NZ


The DynaVap VonG is built to last a lifetime, and rare warranty issues are taken case by case. Like all of our DynaVap products, the VonG is covered by DynaVap Warranty and is valid in NZ as we are an Authorized Reseller of DynaVap Products in NZ & Australia.

Portable Induction Heaters for DynaVap NZ.

Check out our Yllvape IH Induction Heater Video.

Induction Heater Options for DynaVap NZ

DynaVap Orion V2 Portable Induction Heater by DynaTec NZDynaVap Orion V2 Portable Induction Heater by DynaTec NZ. We stock the Orion V2 in our Auckland Warehouse for fast dispatch NZ Wide. The Orion is the highest quality "portable" Induction Heater you can buy and it's also the most expensive. It works extremely well and is small enough for a bag or even a jacket pocket. You can conceal almost the entire device in your palm. It comes in a very nice zipper case that can also hold your VapCap Vape Pens, and it has a SnapStash Stash Tin (plastic) to carry your botanicals. It's a great kit and an even better device, you can't go wrong with DynaTec, made by DynaVap.

The Wand by Ispire NZ

THE WAND by Ispire, Portable Induction Heater for DynaVap.
Precise temperature control for the perfect hit every time! Compatible with DynaVap VapCap Pens. Heat your DynaVap Tip with the safest and most precise temperature control ever. We have come a long way from rubbing 2 sticks together, The Wand induction heater is a fully portable device powered by 2 removable 18650 batteries so you can even pack spares when on extended missions. You can also use an external fast charger to charge your batteries if you prefer, the beauty of removable batteries! DYADP Adapter Insert available for DynaVap, convert your Wand for DynaVap! NOW available for DynaVap, convert your Wand for DynaVap! Tripods also in stock.

Yllvape IH - Temperature Control Induction Heater for DynaVap NZYllVape IH Induction Heater for DynaVap NZ. The Yllvape Induction Heater, YLL-IH is a brand new device that has adjustable Power or Temp, it's a whole new generation of induction heater and is fast becoming our most popular seller. We highly recommend the YLL-IH, it's the easiest to use and has by far the best display and interface and the ability to set your Temp or Power, this is an amazing little device! We first imported these brand new heaters in November 2021. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Water Tools & Bubblers
Buy The VONG Custom Starter Kit NZ.

The VonG 2021 Vape Pen Starter Kit for Dry Herb by DynaVap NZ 

Buy a Fully Built, Ready To Vape FG90PRO Pen.

FG90PRO DynaVap Custom Vape Pen SS & Titanium on Glass Combo Deals NZ

DynaVap Info NZ

New DynaVap 2021 Series 3 new vapes NZ

VapCap Vaping Instructions.

For more instructions on how to use the VapCap or Captive Cap please refer to our latest VapCap page, the DynaVap 2021 M - Fall Colors 2021 - 4 Colors to select from.

DynaVap 2021 M NZ 

See All DYNAVAP Products.

See all DynaVap products - Helenskinz NZ

DynaVap 2021 M Vape Fall Colors NZ      DynaVap 2021 M Starter Kits - Fall Colors NZ   Dynavap The 2021 OMNI Obsidium Vaporizer NZ

Download DynaVap User Manual

Click to view the DynaVap 2021 VONG Instruction Manual - INSTRUCTIONS

DynaVap VONG Instruction Manual NZClick the poster above to enlarge.

DynaVap Compatibility Chart NZ

 Click image below to enlarge.

DynaVap Compatibility Chart 2021 NZ

Helenskinz is an Authorized Reseller of DynaVap products NZ

Helenskinz is an Authorized Reseller
of DynaVap products in New Zealand and Australia. Warranty approved. Helenskinz imports all DynaVap products directly from DynaVap USA.

Click to visit DynaVap USA - Authorized Retailers page.

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