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Magical Butter DecarBox Thermometer Combo NZ


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  Magical Butter Machine NZ Magical Butter NZ

Magical Butter DecarBox Thermometer NZ.

Please note: Magical Butter has rebranded their products from green to blue, as we transition to the new stock some will still be green and some the new blue color.

An essential bit of kit that will make your Magical Butter creations even easier to make! It's essential that you Decarb your herb before cooking or consuming. This is a cheaper Decarboxylator than the Ardent Nova and a good choice if you are on a tight budget. It certainly does the job! We stock a full range of Magic Butter products in Auckland, NZ.
Magical Butter DecarBox Blue

The DecarBox™ allows you to effortlessly activate fresh herbs to your specific desired potency! (See Decarb Directions in your MagicalButter Booklet on pages 6-8 for a step-by-step Decarb Guide). Your herb goes in the green Box. The Box goes in your oven and the cable is then fed out your oven door so you can monitor the temperature using the thermometer outside of the hot oven. This allows you to adjust your oven temp to exactly the right level so you can keep it at the correct temp constantly which is important for proper decarbing of herb.

Magical Butter DecarBox Decarboxylator NZ

The Food-grade silicone shell prevents loss of valuable plant compounds, it elevates natural herbal potency with a precision integrated thermometer with a stay-cool external digital display. The oven-safe shell ensures maximum retention of beneficial phytonutrients.

Magical Butter DecarBox Decarboxylator NZ    Magical Butter DecarBox Decarboxylator NZ

The most effective decarboxylation system available, period! The DecarBox™ / Thermometer Combo is essential for precise and correct preparation of your herbs.

The DecarBox™ features an integrated digital probe thermometer. This device lets you easily calibrate your oven temperature for precise accuracy during decarboxylation and baking.

The DecarBox™ bakes herbs better!

Free Infusion Recipes NZ:




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