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Ardent FX - FLEX Decarboxylator Infuser NZ


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New Generation Decarber/Infuser, buy Butter Machine NZ 2021.

Ardent FLEX NZ - Ardent FX NZHerbal Aromatherapy Blends Essential Oils   Ardent USA

Ardent FLEX "FX" - AIO - Decarboxylator, Infuser & Baker, All In One Butter Machine.

The New Generation Butter Machine NZ everyone has been asking for! Infuse, Decarb & Bake, this ones a game changer, do it all in one butter machine, finally! Many people ask if the Magical Butter Machines Decarb? Unfortunately, no they can not Decarboxylate your herb. The Nova Lift and Ardent FLEX both Decarb and Infuse. When we say Decarb we mean cured and activated until it is golden brown, decarbed to perfection. The Ardent Lift and Flex are the only stand alone electronic Decarboxylators in the world. The smaller Nova Lift has been around for many years, the FX - FLEX was released mid August 2020 in the US and here in New Zealand on the same day. We import all of our Ardent stock directly from Ardent USA. We ship to NZ and Australia only, from NZ.

Ardent FX "FLEX" - AIO - Decarboxylator, Infuser & Baker

HELENSKINZ Ardent FLEX NZ Video - Unboxing the new FX Machine.


Decarbing, Infusing & Baking - Butter Machine NZ.

  • 220v Version - Ready to plug in NZ and Australia, plug adapter included.
  • Includes handy Carry Bag for your Ardent FLEX. See pics & videos.
  • Excellent Packaging: FX in Carry Bag, inside Tube Box, inside Shipping Box.
  • This is an All-In-One Device, Decarb, Infuse, Bake.
  • August 2020 Release NZ, Helenskinz is the importer direct from Ardent USA.
  • The whole unit is Dishwasher Safe. (except for the power cradle).
  • 4X the size of the Ardent Nova Lift, Decarboxylate 4oz in 2 hours, Primo results!
  • Silicon Infusion Sleeves also available (can infuse without). Buy one now, Here.
  • NEW 2021 Ardent Vessel - Brand new Stainless Infusion Sleeve & Storage vessel. See images at bottom of page.

The only electronic automated decarboxylators in the world by Ardent USA, imported by Helenskinz from USA to NZ.

Buy Ardent FLEX NZ - Ardent FX NZ.

The Nova FX is an all-in-one activation device - Helenskinz NZ

We are excited to announce the Ardent FX - FLEX all-in-one portable herbal kitchen. You can do it ALL in this wonder device. The FLEX has a metal casing (purple section) compared to the all plastic Nova Lift. 4x the capacity of the Nova Lift with separate settings for infusing and baking all of your favorite edibles right inside the device! This is exactly what our customers are asking for and for many years now, the new Ardent FLEX - (also known as the FX) gives those people stuck between the Nova Lift and the Magical Butter Machine a new option to consider and a great one at that! To give you an idea of size, the Nova Lift can decarb 1oz of botanicals per cycle and the new Ardent FLEX can decarb 4oz at a time, in under 2 hours. It is an extremely versatile machine, up until now it was necessary to buy a Decarbing Machine and a Butter Machine because the Magical Butter Machines do not decarboxylate your botanicals and decarbing your herb is essential if you want it to infuse properly. Undecarbed herb infused is a complete waste of time and money as the herb must be activated prior to cooking, infusing or simply consuming. They require a second machine or device to Decarb your herb adding extra costs, more devices on your bench top, 2 devices to clean and so on. As we say, the Ardent FX is a game changer, this new generation of Butter Machine is exactly what our customers have been asking for, for many years! Now you can do it all in this All-In-One device!  Decarboxylators and Butter Machines need to be all in the one unit, the ARDENT FX gives you the opportunity to decarb and infuse with one machine. It's convenient and saves you money if you don't need to buy 2 devices. One warranty, one purchase, one delivery, using one device only is the way to go and will leave other devices in the dust if they are unable to do everything in one machine.

YouTube  A quick look at the kit - Ardent Video.

Ardent FLEX NZ Specs

The Ardent FLEX is completely Dishwasher Safe.

Ardent FX NZ - Dishwasher Safe

Ardent FLEX Decarboxylator & Infuser Specs:

The Ardent FLEX NZ is an all-in-one activation, infusion, melting, and baking appliance requiring no prior cooking or baking experience.

  • AIO - Decarboxylate, extract, melt, infuse and bake all-in one-appliance.
  • Full activation and infusion of botanicals (Decarbing, Infusing Oil etc).
  • Use any plant material (including flower and concentrate).
  • Odorless decarbing & infusing indoors.
  • Stealthiness, Quiet Operating, the Ardent FX isn't loud like most butter machines.
  • High quality stainless steel chamber.
  • Silicon Non Stick Infusion Sleeves for the Ardent FX are available separately. Here.  They are handy rather than essential, they just make life a tad easier when infusing. You can mix your oils and other ingredients and pour them into the sleeve while your herb is decarbing in the Ardent Flex. After 2 hours you can add your decarbed herb to the mix and drop the sleeve into the chamber and select your infusion setting on the control panel. Too easy! You cannot decarb and infuse at the same time, you must run a decarb cycle and then run your infusion with the decarbed herb.
  • 4 different settings on Ardent FX control panel, (Nova Lift has just 1).
  • Detachable power cradle/base for easy clean up (just like an electric jug)
  • Dishwasher Safe: The entire unit minus the power cradle can go into your dishwasher, including the black base with controls/button! (not the cradle) As above. See this video at bottom of this page, see the Ardent Flex in action.
  • No minimum material amount, decarb or infuse any amount up to 4oz dry.
  • 4x the size, (of the Nova Lift) decarb 4oz of Dry Botanicals in 2 hours. Or make a large infusion. Or you can bake many things like Banana Bread, Pasta, Soup etc. inside the Ardent Flex. Ardent have put the spotlight on Infusions and Baking, the Decarboxylation is a no brainer, Ardent have had that nailed for years but the FX is even smarter than the Nova Lift! Ardent have done a lot of expensive & meticulous testing to find the perfect method for Decarbing Botanicals. They have designed and programmed the Ardent FLEX to Decarb and Infuse to perfection based on their very own test results. They aim for high-potency decarboxylation and premium infusions. The FLEX is ready to perform!
  • No Minimum: Unlike other Butter Machines there is No Minimum amount when infusing (Magical Butter Machines are 2 cups minimum) so you can make small or large batches and not be forced to either use more of your expensive botanicals or dilute your infusion with 2 cups of oil etc. This is a game changer! This alone makes the new Ardent FX the most Flexible infusion machine in the world hands down! Make your infusions large or small!
  • It's the only Infusion Device in the world available in 220v that can also Decarboxylate your herb.

Nova Lift and Ardent FX Comparison NZ
The Ardent Family - Ardent NOVA Lift & the new Ardent FLEX.

The Ardent FLEX Carry Bag, included in all Ardent FX Kits.

The Ardent Flex can live in the carry bag and that slides into the Tube Box.

Ardent FLEX NZ - FX Decarboxylator NZ
Suitable for smaller kitchen spaces and work spaces without kitchens (no need for an oven, double boiler, or crock pot.) Switch between modes by pressing the “M” button, and start the cycle by pressing the Ardent “A.” The Ardent FX is compatible with Ardents full line of kitchen tools and kits. Check out our Infusion Sleeves for the Ardent FX here. We also have the new Ardent Vessel which is a Stainless Steel Infusion Sleeve and Storage Container with a handle.

Ardent FX High Level Mark NZ

Ardent FX Infusion Sleeve NZ

Buttons on the Ardent FLEX NZ

We highly recommend that all Medical users watch this video of the new Ardent Flex, this is a new video showing the new Ardent FX, the carry bag, the functions etc. Click image below to watch the new video by Wake + Bake USA. Great video! See the Ardent FX in action doing what it does best, prepare your herb to perfection and with a 90% infusion rate, your oil will be pure, clear and ready to consume. Take orally or use in your cooking! Great method for making your own sleep drops in a bottle.

Ardent Flex Video NZ

Ardent Nova Accessories NZ
Ardent Infusion Machine Accessories NZ.
Infusion Sleeves Available here.

Ardent FLEX Infusion Sleeve NZ

Buy Ardent FX NZ. Decarboxylator - Infuser - Baker | Butter Machine NZ. Infusion Sleeves Available now - here.

Ardent FLEX Infusion Sleeve NZ

Buy Ardent Vessel for the Ardent Flex - FX Infusion Machine.

Ardent Vessel NZ

Ardent Vessel NZ

Ardent Nova FX Filtration NZ

We have brand new Custom Made Infusion Filter Bags NZ.

Helenskinz Filter Bag 3-Pack for Infusions NZ

Our very own brand, best value, great quality, we import these specifically for the Ardent FX. The "Helenskinz Filter Bag 3-Pack" 3x 4L/1 Gallon Bags, 1x 25 Micron Pressing Screen & 1x Carry Bag.

The Helenskinz Filter Bag 3-Pack contains: Buy Here.

  • 1x 220 Micron Filter Bag
  • 1x 73 Micron Filter Bag
  • 1x 25 Micron Filter Bag
  • 1x 25 Micron Pressing Screen
  • 1x Carry Bag
Helenskinz Filter Bag Kits NZ Infusion
Helenskinz 3-Pack Filter Bag Kits NZ for Infusions

Walfos Silicon Infusion Filtering Gloves:

Super Thick Heat Resistant, 2 is better than 1 with hot slippery infusions!

Purple Love Glove for Infusion Filtering NZ

Straining Sieves for Infusions in the Nova FX NZ

Colander - Sieve Infusion Filtering 2-Pack Kit - 2 Sieves.

Our new 2-Pack Sieve Sets work well in combination with the Filter Bags. They are 10 Micron so will remove the finest of particles when completing your infusions. Buy Sieve set here.

2-Pack of Straining Sieves for Infusions in the Nova FX NZ

     Ardent Nova FX Infusion Recipes NZ

    There's no limit to the things you can create with the Ardent Flex.

    Check out our Free Infusion Recipes from Ardent USA.

    Download our Free Ardent Ardent FX Infusion Recipes here.

    Cakes  Burger  Sweets


    Visit the Ardent Website for lots of great info on making Oil and much more. Ardent provide a wealth of information, this page alone is very helpful, lots of videos and info. To be more specific, visit the Ardent Education page here.

    Ardent Website - Recipes NZ
    Ardent USA | Click Me! How to Infuse Oil..

    Ardent FLEX Concentrate & Infusion Sleeves NZ. 

    Buy Ardent FLEX Infusion Sleeves Here.

    Ardent Infusion Sleeves Silicon & Stainless Steel

    More Infusion Products

    Alternative Options.

    The Magical Butter MB2E 220v Butter Machine is very popular and has been around for a number of years. The main difference that most people will want to know is, although the MB2E machines are fantastic for infusions and many other functions, it does not have the ability to "Decarboxylate" your herb. This is why you need to buy a separate Decarbing Device if you take the Magical Butter road. The only 2 Decarboxylators available are the Magical Butter DecarBox and the Ardent Flex (FX).

    We sell 220v Magical Butter Machines, often confused with Magic Butter Machines NZ, Magical is the right way to say it! Check out our full range of Magical Butter accessories all stocked in our Auckland warehouse. 

    Magical Butter Machines NZ 


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