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Santa Cruz Shredder Colored Stash Tins NZ

Santa Cruz Shredder

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Santa Cruz Shredder Colored Stash Tins NZSanta Cruz Shredder Colored Stash Cans NZ


Santa Cruz Shredder Colored Stash Tins NZ

  • Brand: Santa Cruz Shredder (SCS).
  • Model: Stash Can - Anodized - Colored - New Satin & regular Gloss.
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Grey, Green, Gold, & Red (Gloss & Satin).
  • Product Type: Air-Tight Waterproof Storage Container for Herb.


One of the most prominent names in grinders, the Santa Cruz Shredder is a world-renowned grinder that gets the job done. Using only the best material, it uses medical-grade, ultrasonically cleansed anodized aluminium. Proudly made in the USA. The new 2020 Satin Colors are stunning, they are very iridescent and are the same size as the Glossy version.

New Satin Santa Cruz Shredder Stash Tins Helenskinz NZ
Brand new 2020 Satin Blue.

New Satin Medium Santa Cruz Shredder Stash Tins Helenskinz NZ


  • 69mm x 34mm.

Santa Cruz Shredder Stash Can - Anodized - Colored Blue NZ
10 year old Glossy Stash Tin.


  • Pocket Sized
  • Waterproof
  • Odour Resistant
  • Holds Pre-Ground Herb - Ready To Vape
  • Precision Engineering, Super smooth thread
  • Keeps your Herb Fresh
  • Air-Tight - Rubber Seal
  • Rounded edges make it a delight to handle
  • Long Lasting Vibrant Colors (see images - 10+ yr old Tin)

New Black Satin Santa Cruz Shredder Stash Tins Helenskinz NZ
Black Satin SCS Stash Tin with DynaVap 2020 M "Phantom" Pen and Walnut DynaStash.

Inside the New Satin Santa Cruz Shredder Stash Tin Helenskinz NZ
Inside the New Black Satin SCS Stash Tin with the "Azurium" 2020 M Pen and Walnut DynaStash.

The SCS Colored Stash Cans are the nicest stash tins you ever see shopping online, they are beautifully made, last forever and look awesome. We use them ourselves and we highly recommend them, top quality top product. See images below of the oldest Santa Cruz Shredder Stash Can we have, it has been used and abused for over 10 years and it still looks like a new one. Compared to other Stash Tins like Space Case or Piranha Brands, the SCS tins are in a whole new category, this is the Primo Stash Tin, we are yet to see any similar products that match the quality.

Santa Cruz Shredder Stash Can - Anodized - Colored Blue NZ

The same goes for our SCS Grinders, fantastic quality and performance. These Stash Tins may cost a bit more but it's well worth it if you like your "possessions" to stay looking nice and working like new. A shiny silver/alluminium stash tin looks amazing when brand new, it's like a mirror, after a year or so it will be covered in millions of tiny scratches taking away that new look. These colored SCS Stash Tins don't wear like that at all, that's why we like them so much, ours still look new after 10 years of use. We also have a couple of Space Case Stash Tins, another top brand but the lids rattle about as you tighten them up, they just don't have the precision engineering that goes into the Santa Cruz Shredder products. They are simply a great storage container. It's ideal in size for loading your DynaVap VapCap Vaporizer Pen. Stab n Twist and you're loaded! We find these to be the perfect size, especially for storing or transporting pre-ground herb. When you want to have a vape with your Pax or Crafty+ for example you can pour it right out of the stash tin into your (funnel) oven and you are in business. It keeps it nice and fresh and ready to roll at all times! It also keeps the odor in using a rubber seal that is compressed when tightening the lid.

Santa Cruz Shredder Stash Can - Anodized Color for DynaVap NZ

Sadly we have noticed that these SCS Stash Tins are getting harder and harder to find, we managed to scoop up what was left at our suppliers and we are currently hunting down more, they are popular because they are so durable and people always want their possessions to last and look good after years of use. Stash Tins of this size are very popular with vapers, they just make life easy when it comes to loading up your vaporizer oven, if it's pre-ground and ready to vape (ours is also decarbed with the Ardent Flex) it's very quick and easy to pour some fresh pre-ground herb into your oven, pack it down and you are vaping, that easy! Nobody wants to drag out the grinder etc when they want a quick vape! It all depends on how organized you are, if you like being organized a stash tin should be an essential part of your vaping kit.

Santa Cruz Shredder Stash Can - 10 year old tin used for DynaVap Pen NZ

New Satin Santa Cruz Shredder Stash Tins for Herb Helenskinz NZ

New Blue Satin Santa Cruz Shredder Stash Tin Helenskinz NZ

Works even better with
Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder Grease.
You can use Grinder Grease on your Stash Tin thread!
The best Grinder Lubricant/Invention ever!
SCS Grease NZ
If you use a standard grinder that is not a Non-Stick Ceramic SLX,
we highly recommend using Grinder Grease, No more Jamming,
No more Build-Up, Super easy to Twist, Wipe Clean, Safe to use!
Use it once and you will never look back, we promise!


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