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Sabbat Wireless Earphones NZ | New Arrival | NZ Import, Buy Sabbat NZ

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SABBAT E12 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphones - Earbuds | NZ Import.

Sabbat Earbuds Earphone Headphones Wireless TWS

Product Features:

  • Perfect audio curve.
  • Ergonomic ear design.
  • Heavy metal plating process.
  • Perfect electrical performance: 4 x 8H=32 hours without charging Box.
  • Wireless charging USB box design, 750mAh.
  • Earbud batteries, 60mAh.
  • Fast charge - 60 minutes to charge Earbuds from flat in Charging Box.
  • 4 microphone noise reduction. (Cancels out background sound).
  • Strong Bluetooth signal and Anti-Jamming ability, 15-30m range.
  • Known for the best Wireless Earbuds that "Stay Put" during Sports.
  • Waterproof | IPX5 rated.
  • Perfect for music and/or phone calls.
  • Latest improved model. "SABBAT E12". (Newer than the X12).
  • Rated "The best Sports Wireless Earbuds" in the world.

* Please read Note from Helen at bottom of page.
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Visit our SABBAT E12 page to learn more and Buy Sabbat E12 Wireless Earphones in NZ, our most recent New Zealand import. HERE.
Sabbat E12 TWS Wireless Earbuds NZ Sabbat E12 TWS Wireless Earphones NZ


Sabbat Wireless Earbuds


  • Speaker Unit:10mm
  • Features:Wireless Charging, BT Connection, Phone Call, Noise-Canceling
  • BT Version:5.0.
  • Compatibility Bluetooth V4.0 upwards.
  • Effective Range:15-30m
  • Charging Port:Type-C on supplied USB Lead.
  • Battery Capacity:3.7V/60mAh per Earbud.
  • Charging Box Capacity:3.7V/750mAh (charge Earbuds 4 times).
  • Calling/Playing Time:6-8+ Hours
  • Frequency Range:20-20000Hz
  • Battery Type:Built-In Lithium Battery
  • Sensitivity:120±5dB
  • Impedance:32O

Sabbat Wireless Earphones

Package includes:

  • 2 X Bluetooth Earphones
  • 1 X Charging Box
  • 6 X Pair of different sized Ear pieces
  • 1 X USB Charging Cable
  • 1 X User Manual

Sabbat E12 Charger Box Charging Earbuds

* It takes 1 hour to charge the Charging Box with the USB Lead provided. You can then charge your Earbuds 4 times in the Charging Box. Your Earbuds will play music for 8 hours on each charge giving you over 30 hours of play time. Storing your Earbuds in the Charging Box will ensure they are always fully charged every time you want to use them.

Colors available: Silver & Gunmetal.

Sabbat Wireless Earphones  Sabbat Wireless Earbuds

People wearing Sabbat E12 Earbuds

Sabbat Videos

Note from Helen (owner of Helenskinz):

Looking for a great set of Wireless Earbuds in NZ?

I have been searching for a decent pair of TWS True Wireless Earbuds to use around the house, at the Gym, while working at the computer, walking and many other situations where I want to listen to music and monitor my busy phone. I have purchased several different brands and all of them were simply not up to scratch. Either they were very uncomfortable, sounded terrible, would constantly loosen or fall out of my ears, had only 2-3 hrs of battery time, were poor quality or in one case the touch controls were so bad that I could not get the functions to work at all and I was so frustrated with them I sent them back. Some had bad BT range and some even looked ridiculously large in my ears! I spent a small fortune looking for the perfect Wireless Earphones! I first saw the Sabbat X12 earbuds (which have a different earpiece design to the E12) but after watching some reviews and hearing people say they weren't secure in their ears and would fall out at times I was disappointed as I really like the look of them. Recently they brought out their latest model, the Sabbat E12. I imported a set of Sabbat E12 Wireless Earbuds to try them out and to be honest I cannot fault them at all. I love everything about them including the awesome colors! They stay in my ears no matter what I am doing! Once you pop them in they stay put and you never feel the need to adjust them, I had no discomfort in my ears even after 5hrs of constant use. The battery life is exceptional, I have never run them flat, they sound beautiful, the quality of the Earbuds and all the accessories is excellent, the charging box is fantastic, the huge range of different ear pieces included in the kit is amazing and last but not least operating them while wearing them is so easy and just what I was looking for! That was one thing I really didn't like about most of the Earbuds I tried, they were really fiddly and difficult to operate. The Sabbat E12 has nice clickable buttons that are so easy to use. I found the earbuds I used with the "Air-Touch" controls were so unreliable they only did what they were supposed to do 10% of the time, very frustrating! I love these Wireless Headphones so much I just had to import them and sell them in my shop. I promise you, you will love them, they literally rock!

Inquiries welcome.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the Sabbat Wireless Earbuds. CONTACT US.


Visit the SABBAT E12 page to learn more and Buy Sabbat E12 Wireless Earbuds in NZ, our most recent New Zealand import. HERE.

Sabbat E12 TWS Wireless Earbuds NZ Sabbat E12 TWS Wireless Earphones NZ


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