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Fake Vape Shop Scam - World-Wide

Posted by Helenski Online on

Don't be Fooled by the "Local Store" Scam!

Anyone can get a Domain Name, it doesn't mean they are local. Listing a Fake Address to deceive people isn't cricket!

Another bit of tricky business you need to watch for is the actual vaporizer shop itself. If you want to shop with a local store like most of us do in NZ and Australia it's a great idea to do a quick Google Search of any new stores you find and are keen to shop with. The reason you need to check these businesses out is because although most of us are honest and totally above board there are a couple of shops that will claim to be local but are most certainly not. Be careful where you shop, NZ, Australia, USA, Canada and about 30 more countries have this exact problem.

For the full story.. at the bottom of the following page.

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