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Whats the best ejuice for new vapers? NZ and Australia.

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Having vaped for many years I have a fair idea of what's good and what's not, I have been fortunate enough to sample hundreds of flavors of ejuice over the last 8 years, being in the business has had it's perks!
As far as new vapers are concerned many if not most of them want to transition from conventional cigarettes to vaping starting with a Tobacco Flavored ejuice. It's a great idea but we have found that many of the Tobacco juices are quite dry on the throat and generally unpleasant to vape. Not a good thing when you are trying your best to make the shift over to vaping, finding an ejuice you like is really tough, finding an ejuice you love can be extremely difficult not to mention expensive.
What we suggest doing is sticking to the plan and transition with a Tobacco based ejuice but one that you actually like. It always pays to read user reviews on ejuice, it's the vapers that will give you the most honest opinion. There is a Tobacco flavor called Ruyan-4 more commonly known as RY4. Many ejuice manufacturers now make their own version of RY4, there are literally hundreds of RY4's out there now. It is basically a sweet, caramel flavored Tobacco and can be very good depending on which brand you buy. I personally have tried over 50 different RY4's from different companies in the US. RY4 was derived from one of Ruyan's liquids - and has been carbon copied across the market. Ruyan flavor - the original tastes like a real cigar - there is also Ruyan 2, 3 etc. 4 was the sweet one that became very popular - and led to mass marketing. Dekang and many other companies (including American companies) make and market RY4, although most Chinese ry4 (shorted for Ruyan 4 dropping the company name) are smoky and lightly sweet - more tobacco - where most American made RY4 is a vanilla caramel tobacco on the sweet side, less smoky. We only sell American ejuice.
The one I like the most is Mt Baker Vapor RY4 (their new Ruyan-4) because it is definitely an ejuice you can vape all day. It is sweet but not too sweet, it has a really nice Tobacco tone to it but it isn't overwhelming,  it's the nicest RY4 I have tried and I highly recommend it to new vapers in place of a standard Tobacco flavor.
Check out our new Mt Baker Vapor Ejuice range, we hand picked the best juices from each category, we have everything from Desert to Fruit and of course Tobacco, Menthol and RY4. Mt Baker vapor also make GWAR Fluids which in my opinion is the best Gourmet e liquid out there, I have been vaping GWAR for many years, it's a fantastic brand. Gwar is made by Mt Baker Vapor, you can not buy Gwar anywhere but Mt Baker Vapor unlike other brands that are now available all over the place in these giant ejuice shops online in the US. All the ejuice we stock is ejuice we know well, we have vaped it for a long time and we import and sell it because we know it's fantastic. We currently have the best 3 Gwar flavors available, one being the brand new Immortal Corruptor.

RY4 by Mt Baker Vapor Menthol by Mt Baker Vapor
Mt Baker Vapor - Our Main E-Juice Supplier  

We understand how hard it is to find an e liquid you love so we offer a small free sample of another juice we have that we are happy to include with your ejuice order. Just ask and if we can we will give you a taste of another Gwar or Mt Baker Vapor e juice. This will save you paying for a whole bottle that you may not like, we have all done it and it's pretty frustrating and expensive. We stand behind our ejuice, it's all good and we are happy to prove it!

Gwar Fluids

German Chocolate Beefcake by Gwar Fluids Jizmoglobin by Gwar Fluids Immortal Corruptor by Gwar Fluids

GWAR Fluids by Mt Baker Vapor USA.

Gwar Fluids

Our Mt Baker Vapor and Gwar e juice is in stock now, December 2017. We also have new Vape pen Starter Kits inbound that are ideal for new vapers. We test everything for a few weeks before we stock it, we don't like selling products for the sake of making a sale, we like to provide juice that vapers love and vape pens that work well, offer full flavor from your e juice, are modern but discreet and simple to use. We offer the Joyetech EGO AIO (All-In-One) starter kits, we feel this is the ideal vape pen for beginners and experienced vapers, this pen does everything you need. It takes Sub Ohm coils so you can vape it in Sub Ohm mode and make massive clouds or you can buy one of our 1.5ohm coils and vape the pen more like a cigarette which is exactly what we do, the 1.5ohm coils take it out of Sub Ohm mode and provide a very flavorsome and pleasant vape. We love the EGO AIO, it's a fantastic vape pen and very affordable. It's an all in one so no need for spare batteries and tanks, most people buy at least 2 pens kits. These pens don't leak either being all in one, they are much better than the older designs.
EGO AIO Vape Pen
We sell the Joyetech EGO AIO Vape Pen Starter Kits for $33.91 Excl GST. We ship to Australia too from New Zealand, no tax so the price is $33.91 NZD + shipping. This Vape pen Kit in NZ is worth $39.00 NZD Incl GST + shipping via courier NZ wide.
Feel free to drop us an email if you have any Vaping questions, we understand it can all be quite confusing. We all have to start somewhere.

Contact Us.

Joyetech EGO AIO

Joyetech EGO AIO - Dazzling
Joyetech EGO AIO
Joyetech EGO AIO
Joyetech EGO AIO

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