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New Products — Herbal Infusion

New MagicalButter Herbal Infuser Accessories Coming Soon - NZ Stock

Posted by Helenski Online on

We are happy to announce that finally we will be adding some essential MagicalButter accessories to our Herbal Butter Machine section of our Shop. We are adding the following MagicalButter products to our store soon. MagicalButter MB2E 240v Herbal Infuser / Botanical Extractor / Herbal Butter Machines can be purchased individually or you can now buy one of Combo Deals that include specified MagicalButter accessories, pick the Combo that suits your needs and save a few bucks! MagicalButter Combo Deals. MagicalButter MB2E + DecarBox Combo MagicalButter MB2E + DecarBox + 1 Butter Tray MagicalButter MB2E + DecarBox + 2 Butter...

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