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New Products — buy sabbat wireless earbuds nz

SABBAT E12 TWS Wireless Earbuds now avaiable in NZ. New Import! HOT Product.

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BUY SABBAT WIRELESS EARBUDS NZ Visit our SABBAT E12 page to learn more and Buy Sabbat E12 Wireless Earphones in NZ, our most recent New Zealand import. HERE. SABBAT E12 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphones - Earbuds | NZ Import. Product Features: Perfect audio curve. Ergonomic ear design. Heavy metal plating process. Perfect electrical performance: 4 x 8H=32 hours without charging Box. Wireless charging USB box design, 750mAh. Earbud batteries, 60mAh. Fast charge - 60 minutes to charge Earbuds from flat in Charging Box. 4 microphone noise reduction. (Cancels out background sound). Strong Bluetooth signal and Anti-Jamming ability, 15-30m range. Known...

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