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Prima Portable Vaporizer - now available.

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Prima Portable Vaporizer - now available.

You can now order a Prima Portable Vaporizer from NZ or Australia,
check out the new page here.


The Prima is the all-new game changing portable vaporizer from one of the most trusted names in the industry, Vapir. Compatible with both herbs and wax, the Prima's unique, mode design is highlighted by a brushed aluminum body, removable stainless steel vapor channel, as well as a removable/replaceable lithium-ion battery. In addition, four optimized temperature settings (ranging from 350°-400°F), help to ensure a near combustion-free experience. There's no other portable vaporizer on the market today that can match the Prima's performance and durability for the price.

Check out the new page here.


A note about our shop.

All of our vaporizer kits are the genuine article from all the well known brands in the US. All of our vaporizers in our online shop in NZ are imported directly from USA to New Zealand, they are then checked, repackaged and couriered NZ and Australia wide the same day they arrive at our Auckland base. Please note Helenskinz is 100% Online Only, we do not have a physical shop and all purchasing is done through our website. When it comes to help we are always close by to offer advice should you need any. If you find something you want online and we don't have it let us know and we will try and get it for you, if we can we would email you a price delivered to your door in NZ or Australia. As far as Customs is concerned we do guarantee that you will get your order or your money back in full if it is ceased at Customs. We do not leave people out of pocket if this happens while bringing in any of our vaping products. This is something we feel is fair and you are unlikely to see a money back guarantee like this on other websites offering similar products. In fact we are often regarded as the safest place in NZ to buy vaping products. If you buy direct from USA yourself (like us) there is a risk you could lose your package to Customs with no reimbursement at all. For us it balances out in the long term but for an individual this can be devastating. So if you want to buy a vape from us that we need to order from the US you will be doing it at no risk. You will be fully refunded including shipping paid when placing your order.

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