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Atmos continues to impress - 2 more vapes added to the shop.

Posted by Helenski Online on

New to Helenskinz Shop August 2015

2 More Atmos Vapes added to the Atmos Range on our site. Atmos has come a long way in our opinion.

The Atmos Orbit Vaporizer Pen and the Atmos Transporter Vape. Both available now - Aug 2015, check out the Vape Critics other videos at the bottom of our pages, he does a thorough job of it. The Orbit can be seen and purchased on the site. It has the new generation oven which basically means it’s one of the vapes that works and doesn’t combust into smoke. This is a great pen, performance wise probably one of the best in the world now.


The Transporter Vape is basically an Orbit inside a different shell/body. They are identical inside “in the engine room”!

We now have 3 new Atmos Vaporizers that are all very good value and excellent vapes, Atmos never used to get our attention to much it was just another plain vape but these days their new vapes are state of the art and they have really caught our attention especially after having our personal testing guru confirm that all 3 (including the Atmos JUMP) work very well. Simple operation, great value, very easy to clean, one click action, perfect pocket size and the most important aspect of all, they work very well, true vaporizers with no combustion. The older Atmos pens were pretty bad, the Atmos RX was a joke and just burnt anything you dropped onto the glowing hot coil, just hopeless, even with glass screens, certainly not a vaporizer by any stretch of the imagination. So thumbs up for Atmos, they have our respect! Finally a great range of new vapes that a lot more people who might only want to vape occasionally like in the weekends will be able to get into a vape without spending an arm and a leg or legs in some cases. We really do recommend the Atmos vapes, we think they are great value, the Atmos Jump is particularly impressive, beautiful Carbon Fibre and a great Pax like oven, it works very well and has been selling out continuously, we have more stock inbound from USA constantly, the Jump has filled the gap and made vaping available to a lot more people who wouldn’t normally have spent $500 on a vape. The Atmos Jump will have you blowing nice big clouds of vapor for around $150 NZD Incl GST. That’s a big difference, we still recommend daily users of vaporizers to invest in a more robust vape like a Pax 2, a Crafty, a Mighty or even the Firefly. There are many vapes available now and picking the right one for you is not easy, we are totally happy to help anyone needing advice, just drop us a quick email with your questions and we will get back to you normally within the hour. Our Vaping & Vaporizer Info page has some helpful information for people trying to choose the right vape for their needs. Have a read if you need some help, there are plenty of links provided for the vapes we suggest.


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