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Vape Trader is back!

Posted by Helenski Online on

We have rebuilt Vape Trader and added it to our new site as it was before. Trade Me do not allow Vaporizers on their site at all and will in fact terminate your account if you don't adhere to their warnings. This makes it very difficult to sell a used vaporizer in New Zealand. We have often wondered ourselves where we can sell our ex-demo vapes.. so welcome to Vape Trader - again! If you have a Pax or a Volcano it really doesn't matter, if you aren't using it, dust it off and advertise it directly to people already looking for vaporizers. Each Ex-Demo Vaporizer we have listed has sold in under a week! Some customers have sold their Pax 1 on here and put the money towards a Pax 2 which is a great idea as vapes are not cheap and every dollar helps. If you want to sell your used vaporizer give Vape Trader a go, it's only $25 and it will stay there until you sell it or ask us to remove it. Helenskinz only sell the advertisement and have nothing to do with the sale or inquiries, each ad has a Contact Seller button linking directly to the sellers email address.

There is currently one Crafty Vape for sale on the page - used but very new.

Visit the New Vape Trader Page Here.

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  • Good to hear I was disappointed the new site didn’t have it because I want to sell my Solo and get a new Pax, you are right about Trade Me they kept knocking my listing off and they did send me a warning or 3 :-) nice one Helenski thanks for the update Deano.

    Deano on

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