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Medical Devices for Pain Patients in NZ - Dry Herb Vapes & Infusion Devices

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Ardent™ NOVA Decarboxylator NZ | Helenskinz NZ

As a Medical Pain Patient in NZ wanting to try Herbal Remedies, where do you start?

Chronic Pain Syndrome NZ | CPS | CRPS | Chronic Pain NZ | Pain NZ | Chronic Fatigue Syndrome NZ | Chronic Pain Relief NZ. Coping with Chronic Pain Syndrome is a challenge every day, in fact every minute of every day, there are all sorts of remedies for Chronic Pain NZ some work some don't, if you are interested in trying Dry Herbal Remedies for any ailment, we sell Medical Grade Dry Herb Vaporizers and Magical Butter Machines along with Decarboxylators from USA. We have you covered from all angles, if you have questions about any of these devices please feel free to talk with us.

There are many different Medicinal Vaping & Medicinal Infusion Devices that are on offer from Helenskinz New Zealand Vaporizer & Infusion shop. It all depends on how you decide to consume your herb/medicine. We highly recommend using a decent Herbal Vaporizer for simple and instant results. Or you may decide to try Edibles, Baking, Infusing Oil and making Tinctures, all taken orally. There is also a range of topical creams and lotions you can make yourself providing you have the right equipment. Our Magical Butter Machines are perfect for making all Edibles, Herbal Butter, Lotions, Infused Oil, Tinctures and much more. One thing the Magical Butter Machines are missing is a Decarbing function but they do sell a Decarboxylator separately called the DecarBox.

We also sell the Ardent NOVA Lift (220v model for NZ and Australia) which is the only electronic Decarboxylator in the world right now. It is an incredible machine that decarboxylates and cures your herb to perfection in 2 hours with one click of a button. We highly recommend decarbing/curing your herb in the Ardent Nova Lift NZ even for vaping. It is essential that all herb is decarbed before you cook, bake, make any topicals etc. Decarboxylators decarb your herb in about 2 hours and activate the essential contents and make them consumable and active so your cured herb will be able to metabolize properly and therefore achieve the desired results. If you do not decarb your herb and eat it, it will do nothing. It must be decarbed to have any effect when taken orally. Decarboxylation also takes place in a vaporizer, as it heats up it is decarbing as you are vaping. The same goes for smoking which is something you should not consider at all.. Darn it, I said the "S" word! We don't like the S word, Vape-4-Life is the Motto. If you have never tried vaping Dry Herb you will be amazed because with a Herbal Vaporizer you actually taste the true flavor of the dried herb instead of harsh smoke, (dam it)! So the true test is trying a smoke (Goddam it) after you have been vaping a while, that is when you will realize that vaping is 1,000,000,000 times better! It's very difficult to go back to the S thing after vaping, don't try it it's disgusting!!!

Medical Devices for new patients - Helenskinz NZ

Medical Vaporizers | Medicinal Vapes NZ | Medical Vape NZ.

If you decide to vaporize your Herb you will find it is much different to smoking, the only thing that is similar is the vapor, it looks similar to smoke. The rest is completely different, it's safe, it's tasty, it's extremely effective and the results are instant. No previous smoking experience required! When you vape your dried herb you are heating it to a very specific temperature by simply selecting the up or down temp button on your vaporizer. Keep it low, go slow and don't over do it. Your vaporizer will heat the herb to a point where it starts to vaporize and produce vapor. This normally happens around 385 deg F and most vapes will go as high as 430 Deg F. You can also change most vapes over to Celsius if you prefer with just a few clicks.

Vaping is easy once you learn how to prepare your herb and load your vaporizer oven correctly. The only other thing you need to think about is the temperature you will set your vaporizer to. Initially it's always best to vape at the lowest temp possible to avoid combustion (smoke) and allow your oven load to last longer. It's also much more pleasant at lower temps. We have some Top Shelf Vapes perfect for the job including the Storz & Bickel Mighty Vape also known as the Mighty Medic Vaporizer.

The Best Medical Vaporizers NZ:

Storz & Bickel Crafty Plus Vaporizer | Medical Vape | Helenskinz NZ   Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer | Mighty Medic Vape | Helenskinz NZ DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer | Medical Vape | Helenskinz NZ   Arizer™ SOLO 2 | Medical Vape | Helenskinz NZ    

Click a vape to view.

You can order all of our Medical Vaporizers here. - All Vaporizers for Medicinal Use. 

Herb Preparation | Medical Vaping in NZ

One other thing to keep in mind is your herb preparation, most vaporizers need ground herb, some coarse, some fine. You can prepare your herb in any decent herb grinder, please do not put it in the blender or coffee bean grinder. It's actually a delicate process, you don't want to disturb the vital components of your herb, a proper hand grinder is the best way to achieve this.

Space Case™ Herb Grinders NZ | Helenskinz NZ  Santa Cruz Shredder™ Medium Herb Grinders NZ | Helenskinz NZ  Santa Cruz Shredder™ Large Herb Grinders NZ | Helenskinz NZ  Aerospaced Herb Grinder | 4PC Cobalt Blue   SLX™ Nonn-Stick Ceramic Herb Grinders NZ | Helenskinz NZ

Click a grinder to view.

Check out our range of Herb Grinders Here. Ideal for Medical use.

Medical Devices to Decarboxylate and Infuse Oil

There are not too many devices to chose from but we do our best to import the best Decarbing and Infusion devices possible. With the Ardent NOVA mentioned above you will find that it can also be used like a Mini Butter Machine because not only does it Decarb your herb, it also does Infusions.

Ardent™ NOVA Decarboxylator Sleeve NZ | Helenskinz NZ

If you buy the Nova Sleeve you can pour oil into the sleeve that sits in the chamber (or use a small glass if no sleeve), add your broken up herb, put the lid on, click one button and walk away! In 2 hours you will be able to open the Nova, pour the contents through a small sieve and collect beautiful golden infused oil. Coconut oil works great but you can use any oil you like, as long as it's edible! So the Nova is a pretty cool machine, you can decarb and infuse!

Ardent™ NOVA Decarboxylator NZ | Helenskinz NZ

The ultimate set up is the Nova for decarboxylating your herb and the Magical Butter Machine for doing larger infusions. This is the perfect set up for baking, making all sorts of recipes (which we have on our site here) and generally making anything you can dream up! They are both amazing devices. We do Combo Deals where you can save a few bucks and get 2 or 3 products in one deal. The Magical Butter and Ardent Nova Combo below, click to visit the page.

What's in the Ardent Nova Kit?

Ardent NOVA and Magical Butter Combo Deal.

Ardent™ NOVA Decarboxylator & Magical Butter Combo Deal

Owning both machines together, you will have it made! Magical Butter have loads of recipes too but the US site that has them is diverted to the Australian site and we can no longer view them from NZ. YouTube is a great resource for Infusion Recipes too.

Maggical Butter


  Magical Butter Infusion Recipes | Over 100 Recipes for Magical Butter users   Magical Butter Infusion Recipes | Over 100 Recipes for Magical Butter users  Magical Butter Infusion Recipes | Over 100 Recipes for Magical Butter users

Looking for Infusion and Magical Butter Recipes? We have over 100 Infusion Recipes for Magical Butter on our website, here.

We also have a huge selection of Infusion Recipes from LEVO, here.

Magical Butter Infusion Recipes | Over 100 Recipes for Magical Butter users

The New Ardent NOVA FX

Ardent are about to bring out their latest device called the Nova FX. We have a page for the Nova FX here if you'd like to take a look. The new Nova FX decarbs and infuses like the Nova but it also has more functions for mixing, baking and cooking within the unit. It is also larger and can decarboxylate 4oz of herb in one go compared to the Nova that can do a maximum of 1oz per decarb cycle. The new Nova FX is going to be a fantastic machine filling in the gap where none of the current machines are able to do it all. The Nova FX is an AIO - All-In-One device, it does everything! We expect to have the Nova FX in stock by July 2020. We are yet to determine what the price will be. We estimate it will be under but close to $600 NZD incl GST.

Ardent™ NOVA FX Decarboxylator NZ | Helenskinz NZ

If you are on a budget like most of us shopping online you might want to consider buying a Magical Butter Machine and a DecarBox for decarbing. We do a Combo Deal for these 2 as well. That is the cheapest way to get into making infusions with our products. As mentioned, the ultimate set up right now is the Nova and the Magical Butter Machine together. We have hundreds of customers using both of these devices in New Zealand and Australia right now. What a great time for some infusion experiments during the Covid-19 Lock-Down in NZ :-)

Magical Butter Machines NZ - Helenskinz NZ  Magical Butter DecarBox - Helenskinz NZ

We hope this short guide helps patients looking to use herbal remedies for pain and many other ailments, it can be quite confusing but to be honest it's not that complicated and we are here to help guide you to the right products for the job. Just drop us an email and we will get right back to you.

Magical Butter Machines NZ - Helenskinz NZ

Stay safe, stay at home and most of all, relax...
We have you covered!

Chronic Pain Syndrome NZ | CPS | CRPS | Chronic Pain NZ | Pain NZ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome NZ | Chronic Pain Relief NZ

Blog written during the COVID-19 Lock-Down, Auckland, New Zealand.
April 14th, 2020.


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