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New Magical Butter - Purify Filters and Glove 4Pack - NZ

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Magical Butter MB2e - Herbal Butter Infuser - Helenskinz NZ

Magical Butter Purify Filters and Glove 4Pack NZ.

An essential accessory pack that will make your MagicalButter creations even easier to make!


PurifyFilters™ are extremely durable, reusable nylon mesh bags for easy filtering of botanical extracts and other preparations. With PurifyFilters, you can separate sediment from your recipes quickly, easily, and safely using The silicon Love Glove!

MagicalButter PurifyFilters and Glove - 4Pack NZ

Premium-quality nylon and construction—built to last!

Filters of various of pore sizes (25, 73, and 220 microns) allow customized, consistent straining of botanical extracts, nut milk, cheese, cold-brew coffee, butter etc. Easy squeeze—maximize your yield with no stretching or ripping.

MagicalButter NZ - Purify Filter Bags Kit 4 pack

The LoveGlove

Say goodbye to the old-fashioned oven mitt! The silicone LoveGlove uniquely combines durability, heat protection, comfortable fit, and precise, non-slip grip. By preventing hot liquids from contacting the hand holding the PurifyFilter, the LoveGlove provides for safe, sanitary straining! One size fits all! As it's made from silicon you can easily grip and squeeze your Filter Bag without getting burnt, it's the perfect weapon for the job.

MagicalButter Love Glove   MagicalButter Love Glove NZ

Extremely durable, heat-resistant, 100% pure silicone for cushioned comfort
Five-finger glove design and raised LoveGrip™ ensure non-slip grip no mitt can match! Won’t absorb stains or odors—dishwasher safe. Safely handle food in boiling water, hot oven or BBQ grill. Easily open tight jar lids, safely use harsh cleaners—over 420 uses!

Package Includes:

  • 3 Purify Filters with different Screen Sizes
  • 1 Silicon Love Glove

Magicalbutter NZ - Purify Filter 4 Pack NZ


MagicalButter PurifyFilters & Love Glove

Magical Butter Instructions NZ

Buy a MagicalButter Machine or a Combo Deal, the Butter Tray, the DecarBox or the Purify Filter/Glove 4 Pack individually below.

MB2e      Butter Tray    Decarb Box  MagicalButter NZ - PurifyFilter Glove 4 Pack

Buy the MagicalButter Machine below or a Combo Deal of your choice. Click the image to visit the MagicalButter Machine & MB Combo page.

MagicalButter Combo Deals NZ - Helenskinz NZ

MagicalButter Recipes NZ




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