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Buy New Magical Butter NZ Herbal Infuser Accessories

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We are happy to announce that finally we will be adding some essential Magical Butter accessories to our Infusion NZ / Herbal Butter Machine section of our Shop.

Magical Butter Machine - Helenskinz NZ

MagicalButter MB2E 240v Herbal Infuser / Botanical Extractor / Herbal Butter Machines can be purchased individually or you can now buy one of Combo Deals that include specified MagicalButter accessories, pick the Combo that suits your needs and save a few bucks!

MagicalButter Combo Deals.

MB Combo Deals NZ

MagicalButter MB2E + DecarBox Combo

MagicalButter MB2E + DecarBox Combo

MagicalButter MB2E + DecarBox + 1 Butter Tray
MagicalButter MB2E + DecarBox + 1 Butter Tray

MagicalButter MB2E + DecarBox + 2 Butter Trays
 MagicalButter MB2E + DecarBox + 2 Butter Trays

MagicalButter MB2E + 1 Butter TrayMagicalButter MB2E + 1 Butter Tray

MagicalButter MB2E + 2 Butter TraysMagicalButter MB2E + 2 Butter Trays

MagicalButter MB2E + PurifyFilters & GloveMagicalButter MB2E + PurifyFilters & Glove 4 Pack

MagicalButter MB2E + PurifyFilters & Glove + DecarBox ComboMagicalButter MB2E + PurifyFilters & Glove + DecarBox Combo

New Magical Butter Accessories.

Or all the new accessories can be purchased individually from our shop. The new MagicalButter accessories are as follows.

  MagicalButter MB2E Herbal Butter Machines NZ  Decarb Box  MagicalButter NZ - PurifyFilter Glove 4 Pack  Butter Tray

* See ALL MagicalButter products here.


YT YouTube Channel

Check out the MagicalButter YouTube Channel


Download the MagicalButter MB2E Operating Manual:  Magical Butter USA - Website: Here


MB recipies

Butter Machine NZ

Herbal Butter Maker NZ

Herbal Butter     Herbal Brownies

If you have any questions about our Magical Butter Herbal Infuser Machines feel free to drop us a line. We are expanding our range of Herbal Infusers and Butter Machines and will be also adding some new Herbal Butter Machines soon including a stove top herbal infuser. Herbal butter infusers are becoming very popular in NZ and Australia, a few years behind the US where Butter machines and Botanical Extractors are commonly seen in kitchens.

Eat to Treat NZ!

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