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Vape Mail Ban NZ - Learn about US PACT Act USPS - Vapes Banned

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Possible Bad News for ALL Vapers in New Zealand & beyond. 

The U.S. Postal Service ban on mailing vaping products will go into effect on April 27, 2021. After this date, customers will no longer be able to receive vaping products by way of USPS delivery. Including shipments to NZ.

Vape Mail Ban - coming into effect April 27, 2021 in USA. (But will effect NZ too). The dreaded PACT Act in USA. USPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS and more are following suit after the Govt. banned USPS from shipping any vaping products. If you are not an E-Cig Vaper and just use a herbal vape it doesn't matter, this unfortunately includes all vapes, stupidly yes, true yes, will it be fixed is the question? DaVinci, Pax etc are all trying to get "Herbal Vapes" exempt from the Vape Mail Ban in the US. This includes vapes being shipped out of USA to NZ. It is designed to prevent kids getting their hands on e-cigs, nothing to do with herbal vapes but they have been caught up in the ban. It's way too broad, the term vaporizer. Please read on...

This bill, then, includes e-cigarettes, e-hookahs, e-cigars, vape pens, electronic pipes, as well as “any component, liquid, part, or accessory of a device,” regardless of whether the component is sold separately from the device.” ENDS, as it is defined by this legislation, will effectively include zero-nicotine e-liquids, “tobacco free” nicotine products, and CBD/THC/hemp vape pens.

Article: Vape Mail Ban USA

If things weren't difficult enough already!! NZ Customs has always been one of the biggest hurdles getting herbal vapes into NZ not to mention the Banks that have recently dumped all businesses selling herbal vapes including PayPal and all Credit Card Merchants. Now there's a much bigger problem looming in the very near future. The US has a new Bill that bans USPS from shipping any vaping products, that includes all E-Cigs, Herbal Vapes, Juice, Mods, Accessories, you name it, it's a nightmare scenario for all vapers world wide.

E-Cig E-Liquid NZ

All US Suppliers where 99% of our vapes come from are unable to use USPS to ship out orders to customers, FedEx, DHL, UPS etc will all follow suit as well. The only way to ship a vape product out of the US is with a special carrier and they will charge like wounded bulls. That's if there are any shipping companies prepared to take this on. So either we will have no vapes at all (all NZ shops) or we may still have vapes but at a much higher price, it may add an extra $100 onto a single vape, easily! We could probably import Chinese Brand Vapes but we don't want to, the American brands are what everyone wants. After 15 years of importing American vapes it would be hard to start selling inferior vapes (IMO).

Pax 2 Herbal Vaporizer NZ

This is not a sales pitch it's a warning, if you want a vape we recommend placing an Order for one this month (Feb 2021) before the ban takes effect in March. We are selling (by Order) vapes now so don't delay it or you could miss out completely. Stock in shops already in NZ will sell out and not be replenished so now is the time to place an Order Vape and get it rolling. It takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive at your door in NZ. Unless a solution to the shipping problem in the US is found soon, Vapes will become extinct in NZ Vape Shops very quickly. There is a possibility that one of the main shippers could agree to ship Herbal Vapes only still but nothing has been agreed on yet which has left the entire Vaping Industry that generates over $30 Billion in sales a year in limbo.

ECig Vaping NZ

The Vape Mail Ban in the US was signed off by Trump on his way out the door and the bad news is that President Biden is even tougher on Vaping (E-Cigs) than Trump so he is unlikely to reverse anything Trump did especially during Covid. The major issue for herbal vapers and shops selling herbal vapes is that they have used the term Vaporizer, Vaping and Vape Products which is very broad and includes all herbal vapes as well (ridiculous). Why you ask? It's mainly about trying to stop youth from vaping nicotine disposable e-cigs or at least buying vapes under age. Stupid yes, it makes no sense when vapes are saving lives, literally! This not an attempt to slow down vaping, it's an attempt to shut it down completely! We don't support vaping by underage youth but we can't see how shutting down this massive industry will help that because of the black market. They will still get their hands on vapes no matter what, kids are smart and well connected to everything online.

You can read many articles online about the "Vape Mail Ban", here's one you will find interesting. Click the banner below to visit Vaping 360 and learn more about the vape mail ban in the US.

Vaping 360 Vape Mail Ban article

This ban will have a major impact, not just effecting the vapers but the shops and their suppliers (who can no longer ship in stock), no person or business will be able to ship any vape products, that includes Vape Juice and Vape Pens, yes it effects all the millions of people that are now vaping instead of smoking. It's obvious that many will go back to the easier way to get their nicotine hit, they will simply drive to the nearest gas station and buy some cigarettes. So much for New Zealand being smoke free by 2025, it's not going to happen, that is the very obvious. By 2025 we could see all vapers using only Chinese Brands of e-liquid, vapes, herbal vapes etc.

Who knows, maybe there will be shipping options but we will all pay the price, that is a no brainer! There are some major discussions happening in America right now about this new Vape Mail Ban and the new PACT act that is all about stopping youth from vaping.

Vape Mail Ban in America

Will we see the collapse of the entire multi-billion dollar vaping industry? How will a big Vaporizer Wholesaler survive if they can't ship in or ship out their products? It makes your head spin yes. If you vape American made E-Liquid that you buy from a NZ Vape Shop you may find that your local vape shop will no longer be able to import any American juice (very soon) and only be able to sell their own homemade e-juice. For some vapers that's ok but what will you do when you need more coils or a new vape? Does this mean NZ will be flooded with cheap Chinese Vapes and dodgey E Liquid, probably. There's no Vape Mail Ban from China so it leaves the door wide open to Chinese products which are often sub standard in comparison to American vaping products, even if they are still manufactured in China. It's the Chinese vaping companies that seem to sell a lot of junk, we have never sold any of the Chinese brands because the American brands are so much better, that goes for E-Cig Vapes and Juice as well.

So if you vape, whether it be herb or e-juice or even concentrates, things might be about to take a massive turn for the worst. This ban is going to create a humongous black market for vaping products that is already well established in America where people are buying their juice from people in the street, often it's complete junk and is making people sick.

Food for thought! Get organized before it's too late we say. Lets hope a solution is found soon so we can enjoy our Herbal Vapes in New Zealand like we should be able to.

DynaVap 2020 M Grinder and Stash Tin NZ

Please note: Helenskinz does NOT sell any E-Cig products at all, we only sell Aromatherapy Herbal Vaporizers, not e cig nicotine vapes. There's a big difference not that the authorities agree, it appears they are trying to Ban "All Vaporizers" from being shipped including Herbal Vapes which makes no sense when the whole point was to prevent getting electronic cigarettes into the hands of youth in America.

UPDATE (April 05, 2021): We have changed to vaporizer suppliers in Australia, all our Vape Orders come direct from Australia to your NZ address now. The only worry we have is that this Vape Mail Ban may start effecting all the suppliers including Australian ones leaving NZ not high and dry!

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